What Can I Expect from the Deere Mower Conditioner Lineup in 2021?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/17/2020 - 11:04am

Are you in the market for some new hay equipment? When it comes to cutting hay, Koenig Equipment has you covered with the latest John Deere hay equipment. With the all new redesigned John Deere Zero Series Mower-Conditioners, you can cover more acres, with better tractor compatibility and Quick Change Knives. Plus, John Deere stands behind their product with a 5-year cutterbar warranty. View the full Zero Series Mower-Conditioner lineup at Koenig Equipment.

John Deere C400 MoCo

What is new for the Deere C400?

The John Deere C400 mower conditioner was designed to replace the 946 MoCo.  The C400 is redesigned to be lighter, with better weight distribution and wider conditioning rolls compared to the previous 946. The driveline has been repositioned above the main beam of the tongue to improve access for easier serviceability. Tractor compatibility was a big factor in the design of the new C400 MoCo. With the lighter and better weight distribution, the new C400 is compatible with a wide variety of tractors. Enjoy a quicker service time with the all new Quick Change Knives. 


What is new for the Deere C500?

The 956 MoCo has been replaced by the new C500 model. The C500 now has a full 5-meter cutting width to help you cover more acres in less amount of time. With the same field-proven overshot cross auger design that is found in the 500R Rotary Windrower platform, the C500 can move the crop from the cutterbar to the conditioner rolls more efficiently. Take advantage of quick service time with Quick Change Knives. The Center-Pivot allows for easy transport down the road compared to competitive models.


What kind of warranty is available on MoCo’s in 2021?

When it comes to your farm equipment, you want to know your investment is covered with a good warranty. The new Zero Series Mower Conditioners continue to have an industry-leading warranty. With the strength and durability that comes with the John Deere name, you can rest assured that it is also backed by a 5-year warranty.


Where can I find new mower conditioners for sale?

Have we caught your eye with the new features of the new John Deere Zero Series Mower Conditioners? Finding a new mower conditioner for sale has never been easier! Contact your local Koenig Equipment dealership for more details. With a new Zero Series MoCo, you will be eagerly awaiting hay season!