What Gravely Mower is Right for My Property?

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Choosing the right mower for your property is essential to ensure efficient and effective lawn care. Gravely offers a range of high-quality mowers designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial users. Continue reading to explore the different types of Gravely mowers available and help you determine which one is best suited for your property. 

What Types of Gravely Mowers are Available?

Gravely mowers come in various types and series, each designed to cater to specific mowing needs. Whether you have a small residential yard or a large commercial property, there’s a Gravely mower. 



Residential Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero-turn mowers are known for their maneuverability and efficiency, making them a popular choice for homeowners and professionals alike. Gravely offers several series of zero-turn mowers, each with unique features and capabilities. 

ZT Series Zero-Turn Mower

The ZT Series offers excellent value for homeowners looking for reliable and efficient mowing. These mowers are built with durable materials and come with various deck sizes to accommodate different lawn sizes. The ZT Series is perfect for residential users who need a dependable mower that can handle regular use without breaking the bank. 


ZT X Series Zero-Turn Mower

The ZT X Series is an excellent option for those who want more power and features. These mowers offer enhanced performance with larger engines and more robust components. The ZT X Series is designed to tackle tougher mowing conditions, making it suitable for medium to large residential properties with varied terrain. 


ZT XL Series Zero-Turn Mower

The ZT XL Series is built to handle larger jobs and provide comfort needed to mow more acres. These mowers combine powerful performance with premium features such as advanced suspension systems, ergonomic controls, and high-capacity fuel tanks. The ZT XL Series is ideal for homeowners who want comfort, durability, and mowing efficiency. 


ZT HD Series Zero-Turn Mower

The ZT HD Series provides top-of-the-line performance and is designed for homeowners who demand professional-grade results. These mowers feature heavy-duty construction, powerful engines, and advanced cutting systems, making them ideal for large residential properties. The ZT HD Series ensures a smooth and enjoyable mowing experience with a comfortable high-back seat and intuitive controls. 



Commercial Mowers

Gravely’s commercial mowers are built to withstand the rigors of daily use by professional landscapers and groundskeepers. These mowers offer superior performance, durability, and efficiency, making them a top choice for commercial applications. 


Pro Stance Series

The Pro-Stance Series features stand-on mowers designed for enhanced maneuverability and control. These mowers are ideal for properties with tight spaces and complex landscapes. The stand-on design allows for better visibility and faster mowing speeds, making the Pro-Stance Series a favorite among professional landscapers. 


Pro-Turn 100 Series

The Pro-Turn 100 Series is an entry-level commercial mower that offers excellent performance and reliability at an affordable price. These mowers are built with durable components and come in a range of deck sizes, making them suitable for small—to medium-sized commercial properties. 


Pro-Turn 300 Series

The Pro-Turn 300 Series takes performance up a notch with more powerful engines, larger decks, and advanced features. These mowers are designed for medium to large commercial properties that require efficient and reliable mowing. The Pro-Turn 300 Series is known for its comfort and ease of use, thanks to features like adjustable seats and ergonomic controls. 


Pro-Turn 500 Series

The Pro-Turn 500 Series is an excellent choice for those needing even more power and durability. These mowers are built to handle the most challenging mowing conditions and offer superior performance with high-powered engines and heavy-duty components. The Pro-Turn 500 Series is perfect for large commercial properties that demand consistent and efficient mowing. 


Pro-Turn 600 Series

The Pro-Turn 600 Series represents the pinnacle of Gravely’s commercial mower lineup. These mowers feature top-of-the-line components, advanced cutting systems, and premium comfort features. The Pro-Turn 600 Series is designed for professional landscapers who need the best in performance, durability, and efficiency for their largest and most demanding properties. 


Pro-Turn EV Electric

Pro-Turn EV Electric offers a sustainable alternative without compromising performance for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. These electric mowers provide quiet, emission-free operation with the same durability and efficiency as their gas-powered counterparts. The Pro-Turn EV Electric is ideal for environmentally conscious landscapers and businesses. 


Where can I find a Gravely mower dealer near me?

If you’re ready to find the perfect Gravely mower for your property, look no further than Koenig Equipment in Ohio and Indiana. As a trusted dealer of Gravely mowers, Koenig Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of residential and commercial models. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right mower based on your needs and property size. Visit your local Koenig Equipment to explore our range of Gravely mowers and find the best fit for your lawn care requirements. 




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