What is John Deere Connect Mobile, and How Can it Benefit My Operation?

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John Deere Connect Mobile is a technological advancement designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in farming operations. Learn more about what Connect Mobile is, how it works throughout the different seasons, and what benefits it offers your operation.


What is John Deere Connect Mobile?

John Deere Connect Mobile is an app that enables seamless communication and data transfer between your mobile device and your John Deere equipment. This app allows you to access essential information about your equipment, monitor its performance, and make informed decisions in real time, regardless of your location. Using data-driven recommendations and valuable insights will optimize your farming operations.  



How does John Deere Connect Mobile work through the different seasons?

John Deere Connect Mobile provides season-relevant insights to help you achieve better results during each part of the crop season.



John Deere Connect Mobile helps you optimize your planting operation on the go. Easy access to your planting maps, seed and fertilizer rates, and seed population is readily available through your device. Leverage this data to make informed decisions on planting variables, confirm accurate seed placement, and promptly identify potential issues.

Connect Mobile’s hardware is factory-installed on the model year 2015 and newer ExactEmerge™ planter row units and 2017 and newer MaxEmerge™ 5E row units.



Monitor spray rates, track coverage, and access detailed application maps with John Deere Connect Mobile during spraying season to improve accuracy and efficiency. By utilizing the features from Connect Mobile, you can reduce operation input costs and minimize the environmental impact of your spraying practices. Also, with weather integration, you can choose the optimal time to spray based on real-time weather conditions.

The wireless data server (WDS) required for Connect Mobile is factory-installed on the model year 2017 sprayers. The 4600 CommandCenter™ in the model year 2018 or newer sprayers eliminates the need for WDS with the Connect Mobile server app. Connect Mobile is also compatible with all John Deere R-Series and 30 Series sprayers with a 4640 Universal Display.



Streamline your harvest operation by monitoring yield data, tracking grain moisture levels, and analyzing performance with John Deere Mobile Connect during harvest. With data on the go, you can make timely adjustments when it matters most.

The model year 2016 to 2018 S-Series combines, and S-Series combines with a 4600 CommandCenter™ or 4640 Universal Display are compatible with Connect Mobile technology.


How can John Deere Connect Mobile benefit my operation?

Incorporating John Deere Connect Mobile offers numerous benefits to your operation.

  • Increased efficiency: Utilize the real-time data and insights that John Deere Connect Mobile provides to make data-driven decisions and reduce downtime.
  • Remote monitoring and control: The app allows you to remotely monitor and control your equipment from anywhere.
  • Enhanced productivity: Improve your performance, reduce waste, and maximize your operation’s productivity with access to detailed information on your equipment.
  • Data-driven insights: The app continually collects and analyzes valuable data about your operation and provides you with actionable insights and recommendations. Use these data-driven insights to make informed decisions to optimize your farming practices for better results.
  • Improved accuracy and precision: With split-screen views, you can ensure proper seed placement, chemical application, and harvesting techniques, which all work together to help you achieve higher yields and reduced input costs.


Does John Deere Connect Mobile support my other precision agriculture practices?

John Deere Connect Mobile is designed to integrate seamlessly with other precision agriculture technologies, such as Operations Center and MyOperations™. Connected technology allows you to streamline your data management and share the collected information across different platforms.


Where can I learn more about John Deere Connect Mobile?

To learn more about John Deere Connect Mobile, contact your local Koenig Equipment Optimization Specialists. Our experts can provide detailed information and resources to get you started with Connect Mobile, and also help integrate Connect Mobile into your existing Precision Ag Technology setup.


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