What is John Deere ExactApply™ and How Can it Benefit My Operation?

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Most producers have a common goal at the beginning of each season that usually involves improving accuracy to help reduce input costs. John Deere ExactApply™ was designed to provide consistent coverage while minimizing waste, making this a great option to help producers with similar goals. Continue reading to get a closer look at the technology behind ExactApply™ and how it can benefit your operation.



What is John Deere ExactApply™?

ExactApply™ is a sprayer nozzle system designed by John Deere, and by leveraging advanced technology, it provides consistent and accurate applications. With the use of pulse-width modulation technology, producers have precise control over the targeted application, allowing them to reduce input costs and their environmental impact. Advanced technology also allows operators to effortlessly change spray patterns and rates depending on your chemical with the quick-change nozzles and easy calibration.


What benefits can ExactApply™ offer my operation?

ExactApply™ technology can take your John Deere sprayer to the next level with its benefits to the operator and operation. The key benefits of this technology include individual nozzle control, higher pulse rate, LED lighting, and turn compensation.


Individual Nozzle Control

Sprayer drift is a common concern across most sprayer operators. ExactApply™ technology can give operators peace of mind regarding drift with its individual nozzle control. With individual nozzle control, operators can vary application rates across the booms' entire length, minimizing skips and overlaps.


Pulse Rate

ExactApply™ offers higher pulse rate modulation to provide a consistent droplet speed and rate. With most sprayers, increasing spray speed causes the droplet size to fluctuate. By maintaining droplet speed and rate, ExactApply™ provides more accurate coverage and reduces drift potential.



General lighting on your sprayer is great, but what about being able to see each nozzle while running? With ExactApply™, each nozzle has an LED light. Individual LED nozzle lighting makes the spray pattern more visible in low light or inclement weather so the operator can accurately see what is happening.



Turn Compensation

Turning while spraying a field usually results in uneven applications because the area inside the turn has constant exposure to the application, while the area outside of the turn is quickly passed over. With the ExactApply™ system on your John Deere sprayer, you don’t have to worry about this.

ExactApply™ compensates for the turn and adjusts the rate accordingly across the boom so all crops in the path still receive the appropriate application rate. This means the nozzles on the outside of the turn will spray faster than the nozzles on the inside to account for the speed difference.


Can I add John Deere ExactApply™ to my current sprayer?

John Deere ExactApply™ is available on John Deere 4-Series sprayers model year 2018 and newer, but sometimes purchasing a new sprayer isn’t the right choice for your operation. Whether you currently own a sprayer or are looking at used sprayers available through Koenig Equipment, you can add John Deere ExactApply™ technology outside of factory installation. ExactApply™ performance upgrade kits are available for John Deere R4030, R4038, and R4045 sprayers that are model year 2014 or newer.


Where can I find more information on John Deere ExactApply™?

The Optimization Specialists at Koenig Equipment are knowledgeable about ExactApply™, whether factory-installed or added as a performance upgrade kit. From understanding all the technology and benefits to operating the ExactApply™ system, your local Optimization Specialist is here to help you with every step. Contact them today for more information and details to ensure you have the best technology this spray season.


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