What Off-Season Maintenance Does My John Deere Equipment Need?

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Off-season maintenance for farm and lawn equipment protects your investment and ensures that your equipment is ready to go at the start of the next busy season. It’s also the most cost-effecting time to get your equipment serviced by skilled technicians. Continue reading to learn the benefits of off-season maintenance for your John Deere equipment.


What are the benefits of off-season maintenance for my equipment?

The benefits of off-season maintenance aren't limited to specific pieces of equipment. All types of equipment, large ag or lawn and garden, can significantly benefit from routine maintenance outside your busy season.


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How does off-season maintenance benefit my farm equipment?

When it comes to farming, downtime is not an ideal situation. Consistent off-season maintenance of your farm equipment is vital when it comes time to hit the fields again. You can ensure filters, lubricants, and any necessary parts are replaced by off-season maintenance. This works to prevent in-season downtime by being proactive and limiting breakdowns where possible. Routine maintenance also increases the overall life span of your equipment.


How does off-season maintenance benefit my lawn and garden equipment?

Routine maintenance keeps your investment operating at peak performance and helps extend the life of your lawn and garden equipment. Taking the time during the off-season to perform a complete maintenance routine helps to ensure you can get the most out of your investment in your John Deere lawn and garden equipment and saves you time when spring arrives.


What maintenance should be performed in the off-season?

Not all equipment is created equal, which means not all equipment requires the same off-season maintenance. As always, refer to your operator's manual for full maintenance details for your specific piece of equipment.


What maintenance is needed for tractors?

Tractors are a piece of equipment that can see hours add up quickly throughout the year. Start your off-season maintenance by changing your filters and engine oil. Check your coolant and hydraulic transmission fluids to ensure they aren't low. Test your battery health and make sure it is fully charged. Check the spark or glow plugs and make any necessary replacements.

Take some time to check your tires. Make sure they are still in good condition with no cracks or small leaks. If it is time for new tires, the off-season is the ideal time to replace them to help reduce downtime when you're in the field.


What maintenance is needed for combines?

Before you can begin off-season maintenance on a combine, you need to be able to see everything. Harvest debris adds up quickly on equipment, so it is best to start by blowing off the combine outside and inside. This includes the radiator and other heat exchanges. Closely review concaves and sieves for any issues. Test all bearings and replace any that aren’t properly functioning. Grease all fittings and change filters and engine oil.

Thoroughly check the augers and conveyors for any wear and tear. Tighten belts and replace any that are showing dry rot symptoms or cracks. Ensure the feeder house and elevator chains do not show wear signs and are tightened correctly.


What maintenance is needed for planters?

Off-season maintenance for planters starts with a thorough review of the whole planter. Check all frame components for cracks, bends, or bows, and make sure there are no cracks in weld lines. Ensure all row units sit square to the frame and aren't rotated. Test all hydraulic lifts, and fold cylinders and hoses to ensure they are synchronized and there are no leaks.

Replace any driveline components (chains, sprockets, bearings, bent shafts) that show to be worn. It is easier to proactively replace in the off-season than have one need to be replaced while planting. Individually review each row unit and replace any springs or hooks that are broken or showing excessive wear.

Gauge wheels and opener blades should also be checked for maintenance. Replace any wheels that show excessive wear or cuts and any blades with a half-inch or more wear. Ensure your closing wheels and disc openers are correctly aligned and replace any bearings that show roughness when rotating.


What maintenance is needed for lawn equipment?

Performing key maintenance on your lawn and garden equipment once the mowing season is over helps ensure proper functioning come springtime. During the off-season, you want to make sure you clean or replace all filters (air and fuel) and change the oil. Prevent rust under the mower deck by removing the mower blades and cleaning away grass clippings. While the mower blades are off, look them over for any cracks, chips, or bends. If they are still in good condition, sharpen them and reinstall, or replace them if there is damage.


Should I replace a part or repair it?

Minor problems can quickly become large, expensive problems when they aren’t properly fixed. Replacing a part will be better in the long run than quickly repairing a problem. Off-season months tend to have less time crunch than in-season months. If you know there is a problem, it is better to properly replace the part to ensure that the problem doesn’t become more extensive and result in downtime during your busy season.


How can I save money on off-season John Deere repairs near me?

When it comes to off-season maintenance for your John Deere equipment, who better to help you ensure the quality and future performance of your equipment than a certified John Deere technician? Your local Koenig Equipment offers Performance Edge Agricultural Maintenance Packages and Lawn and Garden Maintenance Packages. With Koenig Equipment's Performance Edge Maintenance Packages, you can lock in your price at the time of purchase and guarantee a certified technician performs your maintenance without concern of inflation or rate increases throughout your plan. Maintenance packages are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4-year options. Contact your dealership today to learn how you can save with off-season maintenance at Koenig Equipment!




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