What Size Compact Utility Tractor Do I Need? (Based on Acres)

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Property owners often find themselves thinking, “What size tractor do I need?” when looking for a new compact or utility tractor for their property. At Koenig Equipment, we understand your equipment is an investment and we want to help you make the right decision the first time. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed and not know what size compact utility tractor and which attachments are best for your acreage. With a variety of John Deere compact and utility tractor series and models available, our experts can help you find the one that fits your needs.



What are the different tractor sizes?

John Deere groups its tractor models in different series. They offer five different series from compact utility tractors to small utility tractors. Compact utility tractor series include: 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, and 4 Series. When a little more horsepower is needed for larger acres around 100, the 5 Series or 6 Series come into play. Regardless of your property size, John Deere has a compact or utility tractor with the horsepower you need to manage it.


What tractor size do I need for 0-5 acres?

Owning up to 5 acres usually comes with more tasks than just mowing. The best tractor for 5 acres is going to be something with 25-35 horsepower. This horsepower range is ideal for the smaller tasks that come with having 0-5 acres like pulling small equipment, cultivating, or mowing. Any model within the John Deere 1 Series family will have the power you need to cover your property of 0-5 acres.


What tractor size do I need for 5-10 acres?

Increased acreage means increased horsepower. When it comes to 5-10 acres, the best tractor for 10 acres is going to need horsepower of at least 35. The John Deere 2 and 3 Series families offer great options for up to 10 acres. The models within these two families can handle heavier implements and attachments, along with overall higher weight limits than the 1 Series models designed for less acreage. Take the tasks you are needing to accomplish into account when looking at the different models available; you will want to ensure the key specs like horsepower and operating capacity match what you are needing.


What tractor size do I need for 10-20 acres?

The John Deere 4 Series compact utility tractors, mainly one of the 4052 or 4066 models, are a great workhorse if your property is 10-20 acres. With this size of property, something with a horsepower of 45+ is going to be ideal for the workload. These tractors work great when it comes to handling materials, moving soil, and small livestock chores.


What tractor size do I need for 20-40 acres?

Managing 20-40 acres comes with more work and usually heavy chores, which makes horsepower ranges from 50-75 ideal. The John Deere 5 Series family offers a variety of models to fit the needs of 20-40 acres. With the right attachments you can work land, mow hay, lift and move materials, and so much more.


What tractor size do I need for 100+ acres?

If you own more than 100 acres, odds are you are doing something other than just mowing it, which means you need more horsepower to help you tackle all that comes with your land. For property sizes of 100+ utility tractors with horsepower of 75-120 are going to be there to help you get the job done. From livestock to hay work, and so much more, the John Deere 5 Series models of 5075E and above, or 6 Series models will have the power to help you take on all the work that comes with your large property acreage.


What kind of John Deere tractor packages are available?

Koenig Equipment offers tractor packages designed specifically for homeowners with under 5 acres, property owners with under 10 acres, under 15 acres, or under 20 acres. Specifically, there are three different package options for each of these four categories so you can pick the right one to fit you and your property. While we offer a variety of pre-designed tractor packages, we also understand there is not a "one-size fits all" option when it comes to the equipment for your property. With our Build Your Own feature, you can customize your tractor package to fit your exact needs!




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