What Stihl Power Tools are Available for Homeowners?

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Stihl is known for providing power and performance for professionals, farmers, or ranchers; but did you know they also offer solutions for homeowners? Learn what gas-powered and battery-powered tools are available for homeowners by reading more.



What type of power tools does Stihl offer?

Stihl offers a variety of solutions so that every unique need can be met. Whether you’re looking for a gas-powered or battery-powered lawn tool, Stihl has you covered.


Gas Powered

Gas-powered Stihl products offer portable, reliable solutions. With a convenient fuel source, gas-powered pieces can be taken with you wherever the work needs to be done without the hassle of electrical cords or battery life.



Stihl chainsaws are designed to help homeowners with general cutting and pruning. This includes tasks like cutting small trees or firewood. Chainsaw models ideal for homeowners includes the MS 170, MS 171, MS 180, and MS 193 T.



Hedge Trimmers & Edgers

Hedge trimmers are ideal for helping homeowners trim and shape shrubs, hedges, and ornamental plants. The HL 94 and HL 94 K models are designed for general homeowner use. Gas-powered edgers help define the edges of lawns and gardens, typically done after mowing.


Weed Eaters

Stihl weed eaters are a common homeowner piece, sometimes referred to as a trimmer. Gas-powered weed eaters are designed to help with grass trimming and other lawn care tasks. These are ideal for small areas where mowers can’t reach and around trees. Homeowner Stihl weed eater models include FS 38 and FS 40



Battery-powered Stihl products offer convenient, quiet, environmentally friendly options for power tools. These power tools are lightweight and cordless to take around your property easily. Lithium-ion batteries provide consistent power you can rely on.


Hedge Trimmers & Edgers

Hedge trimmers make it easy to trim and shape hedges and ornamental plants around your landscaping. Some battery-powered homeowner models include the HSA 45 and HSA 66. Edgers take your landscaping to the next level by defining the edges of your lawn or garden. The FSE 71 and FSE battery-powered edgers are designed specifically for homeowner use.


Weed Eaters

Stihl battery-powered weed eaters, sometimes called trimmers, are designed to trim grass along the edges of sidewalks, driveways, buildings, etc. to give you that clean cut look. Homeowner battery-powered weed eater models include the FSA 130 R, FSA 90 R, FSA 85, FSA 65, and FSA 56.




Easily clean up leaves and debris around your property with the addition of a Stihl battery-powered leaf blower. The BGA 45, BGA 56, and BGA 100 models are ideal, lightweight homeowner solutions.


Lawn Mowers

Stihl offers three models of battery-powered lawnmowers, the RMA370, RMA 410 C, and RMA 510. These battery-powered lawn mowers are a lightweight, compact mowing solution for homeowners. With a durable lithium-ion battery, these lawn mowers provide consistent performance and long run times with a full battery charge.


What maintenance do Stihl power tools need?

Like lawnmowers, Stihl power tools should receive proper maintenance to increase their useful life. Maintenance does differ between gas-powered equipment and battery-powered equipment. Recommended maintenance schedules can be found in the operator's manual with your Stihl equipment.

If you need help with maintenance for your Stihl power tool, contact your local Koenig Equipment Service Department to schedule an appointment with a trained technician.


What maintenance does Stihl gas-powered equipment need?

Regular maintenance is a requirement to keep gas-powered Stihl equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Common maintenance tasks for gas-powered Stihl equipment include:

  1. Engine oil: Review and follow the operator’s guide for recommendations on how often to change engine oil. Fresh engine oil keeps the engine lubricated to run smoothly.
  2. Fuel filter: Check and replace the filter if it becomes clogged to keep the fuel clean and free from contamination.
  3. Air filter: Regularly clean or replace the air filter to keep dirt from entering the engine.
  4. Fuel line: Look over the fuel line for any cracks or leaks and replace it if necessary.
  5. Spark plug: Regularly check the spark plug and replace it if showing wear.
  6. Carburetor: Inspect and clean the carburetor regularly to make sure it functions correctly and continues to provide the correct fuel-to-air mixture to the engine.
  7. Muffler: Check the muffler for clogs or damage.


What maintenance does Stihl battery-powered equipment need?

While battery-powered Stihl equipment requires less maintenance, that doesn't mean there aren't areas that need to be checked routinely. Routine maintenance points should include the following:

  1. Battery: Make sure the battery is fully charged before use, and never allow it to be completely discharged. This can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. When not in use, make sure the batter is clean, and store it in a cool, dry place.
  2. Cleaning: Dirt and build-up can affect performance. Regularly clean your Stihl tool to remove any dirt, debris, or other build-up that collects during use.
  3. Blades: If your battery-powered equipment has blades, check, and replace them once they become dull or damaged.


Where can I find Stihl power tools for residential use near me?

Stihl partners with trusted dealers around the country, including Koenig Equipment’s 15 locations in Indiana and Ohio. Our Parts Specialists are trained experts in Stihl products and can help you find the right solution for you and your property. Stop by your local Koenig Equipment to speak with our knowledgeable staff to learn more about the gas and battery-powered solutions Stihl has to offer today!


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