What's the Difference in Buying Equipment from an Auction vs. a Dealership?

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Is it more cost-effective to buy new or used farm implements?

The decision to buy new or used farm equipment can be a difficult one, especially when looking at which is more cost-effective. Used equipment can be more cost-effective initially, but depending on the equipment’s age and history, potential repairs can quickly add up. New equipment may cost more upfront, but also comes with a warranty that can make it less costly over time if issues or repairs arise. Each operation is different, so there is no right or wrong route to go when purchasing farm equipment, only you know if new or used equipment works best for your operation.

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Where should I buy my next piece of farm equipment?

Nowadays there are multiple options when looking to buy the next piece of equipment for your operation. Two of the most well-known options for purchasing used equipment are farm equipment auctions and dealerships. While there can be benefits to both options, there are also other aspects to consider when purchasing used farm equipment.

  • History of the equipment.
  • Help after the purchase.
  • Safety during the purchase.
  • Financing options.


Is it easier to stay safe at a farm equipment auction or visit a dealership?

The safest place to shop for farm equipment is by visiting a dealership. Dealerships are set up with safety measures in mind for both employees and customers. Farm equipment auctions are most often held on-site at the farm. Farms are not designed for large crowds of people to show up for an auction. There are many safety hazards that can go unnoticed and cause a buyer to get injured. Local dealerships are also cleaned and sanitized several times a day while auction sites are not.


What is the difference between a farm equipment auction and a dealership?

Farm equipment auctions are generally held on the owner’s farm, whereas dealerships are a business setting. Dealerships do have benefits that you usually will not find available at a farm equipment auction.

  • Help after the purchase:

When purchasing from a dealership, you have a salesman that you work with. Salesmen are there to help you before, during, and after the sale. If any issues arise with your equipment shortly after purchase, you are more likely to receive help from a dealership as opposed to a farm equipment auction.

  • History of equipment:

Dealerships have traded for the equipment you are looking for, and therefore know most of its history. A salesman is there to work with you on any questions you might have on the history of a machine when you visit the dealership. If you attend a farm equipment auction, the farmer is going to know the most about the available equipment, and he is not going to be able to speak with everyone on the history of the equipment before the sale.

  • Equipment service:

Used equipment is potentially out of warranty. Routine maintenance and reconditioning can help to ensure equipment is in good running condition. When buying from a dealership, most high-dollar pieces of equipment are sent through the shop to be looked over and reconditioned after they come in on trade. When buying from an auction, the equipment is sold as is, without being looked over by a certified technician before the sale. By purchasing used equipment from a dealership, you can lessen the fear of maintenance costs.

  • Trade-ins:

Most of the time when you are purchasing a piece of farm equipment, you are looking to upgrade your current equipment, meaning you would want to trade it in. However, if you buy equipment at an auction, they do not accept trade-ins. You will have to sell your piece separately, which could take time and offers no guarantees. Buying from a dealership can be a simpler route as they will take a trade-in at the time of purchase.


Where can I find a farm equipment dealer near me?

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