Which Honda Generator Do I Need?

Submitted by Audrey Voisard on Thu, 01/26/2023 - 10:40am

When it comes to power, you need a dependable, trusted brand like Honda. Honda Power Equipment offers a variety of generators to provide whole-house, portable, and inverter power when you need it most.



The Honda generator you need depends on several factors such as the intended usage (home backup, recreational, commercial), power requirements (wattage needed), portability, and budget. To determine the best Honda generator for your needs, you should consider what appliances and equipment you need to power, the generator's fuel type, and if you need it to be portable or stationary. 


Why would I need a generator?

Generators provide supplemental power when you are at home or on the go and need a backup power source. Generators come in a variety of sizes and power for different uses.

There are many reasons why someone might need a generator. Some common reasons include:

  1. Power Outages: Generators provide a backup power source during blackouts or other power outages.

  2. Outdoor Activities: Generators can be used for camping, RVing, or other outdoor activities to provide power for appliances and equipment.

  3. Job Sites: Contractors and construction workers may use generators on job sites to power tools and equipment.

  4. Emergency Situations: During natural disasters or other emergency situations, generators can provide essential power for lighting, heating, and other critical needs.

  5. Special Events: Generators can be used at special events such as weddings, festivals, and concerts to provide power for lighting, sound systems, and other equipment.

  6. Rural/Remote Areas: In areas where there is limited or no access to grid power, generators can be used as a primary power source.


Home use examples

Having a backup generator for your home allows you to be prepared for potential power outages. While all generators might not power your entire home, they can keep your necessary appliances, such as refrigerators, heaters, or medical equipment, running until your power is restored.


Non-home use examples

Some generators allow you to take the power you need anywhere you go. Generators are a great item to have at the campground, job site, tailgating at the stadium, and much more.


What should I take into consideration when selecting a generator?

Selecting the right generator for your needs can feel complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Knowing the types of generators available and the power you need, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect fit.

When selecting a generator, it's important to consider the following factors:

  1. Power Output: Determine the power output you need by calculating the wattage required for the appliances and equipment you want to run. Make sure the generator you choose can supply enough power.

  2. Fuel Type: Generators can run on different fuels such as gasoline, propane, diesel, and natural gas. Consider the availability and cost of the fuel type you choose.

  3. Portability: Consider if you need a portable generator that can be easily moved or a stationary generator that will remain in one place.

  4. Noise Level: If you'll be using the generator in a residential area, consider the noise level and select a generator with a low decibel rating.

  5. Run Time: Consider the generator's run time and make sure it can provide enough power for your needs.

  6. Price: Consider your budget and choose a generator that offers the features you need at a price you can afford.

  7. Brand Reputation: Choose a reputable brand with a good track record of producing high-quality generators.

  8. Warranty and Service: Look for a generator with a good warranty and a local service center for repairs and maintenance.

By considering these factors, you can select a generator that best meets your needs and provides reliable, efficient power when you need it.


What are the different types of generators?

There are three main types of generators available to choose from when purchasing, whole-house generators, portable generators, and inverter generators.

A whole-house generator, sometimes called a home standby generator, is the best generator for home use. These generators have the power to support your appliances and HVAC system during power outages. Knowing that you have a backup power source in times of emergency will give you peace of mind.

Portable generators are designed for small, short-term use. These generators are popular on the job site for quick, efficient power in a portable format.

Inverter generators are still compact and easy to move, like portable generators, but they are much quieter. Inverter generators have a little less power than portable generators. Still, the quieter operation is ideal for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor activities where you need some power without noise.


What size generator do I need?

The size generator you need depends on the amount of power you require. To determine the size of the generator you need, you need to determine the total wattage of all the appliances and equipment you want to run simultaneously. You can find the wattage required for each item in the owner's manual or on a label on the item. Add up the wattage of all items to determine the total wattage you need. It is recommended to choose a generator with a slightly higher wattage capacity than your total requirement to provide a safety margin and ensure reliable performance. Below is a simple math problem to calculate the wattage you need your new generator to offer.


Total of All Running Watts for Items You Wish to Use + Total of Single Highest Starting Watts for the Items = Total of All Running & Highest Starting Watts is Your Total Watts Needed


What generators are available from Honda?

Honda EU2200i Generator

The Honda EU2200i is an inverter generator that offers quiet, stable power while also being a lightweight, compact option. With just .95 gallons of fuel, this unit provides a maximum output of 120 volts/2200 watts/18.3 Amps with a runtime of 3.2 to 8.1 hours. This inverter generator offers effortless, on-the-go power, perfect for portable use on the jobsite, camping, tailgating, or at home.


Honda EU3200i Generator

The Honda EU3200i offers 3200 watts of portable power while weighing less than 60 pounds. This model provides excellent fuel efficiency and can run up to 8.6 hours on a single tank of fuel. Providing enough power to operate a wide variety of appliances, such as a fridge, microwave, or RV AC, this is a great model for outdoor events, RVs, backup power and home, and much more.



Honda EU7000i Generator

Offering 7000 watts of power, the Honda EU7000i generator is the perfect small backup generator for homes, RVs, outdoor events, and more when you need more energy output. With a 5.1-gallon tank, this unit runs 6.4 to 16 hours on a single tank. 



Where can I find Honda generators near me?

Whether you are looking for a small portable generator to take tailgating or need more power to help cover some appliances in your house during a power outage, Koenig Equipment offers a variety of Honda generators to fit your needs. Our trained parts team can help you find the right size generator to provide the power you’re looking for. Contact your local Koenig Equipment today to find the right Honda generator for you!