Which Lawn Mower Attachments Make Yard Work Easier?

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How to choose accessories for a lawn mower or lawn tractor?

Don't make the mistake of thinking lawn mowers or lawn tractors are just for mowing! The top brands offered at Koenig Equipment, such as John Deere, Ventrac, and Ferris, provide a full lineup of attachments for lawn mowers and lawn tractors to help you accomplish so much more. Attachments allow you to tackle multiple yardwork duties, including bagging lawn clippings, blowing debris, hauling materials, spraying, and the list keeps going. 

Learn more about available lawn equipment attachments below, and contact the team at Koenig Equipment to get additional information.



When you want a completely clean yard without even grass clippings after mowing, a bagger attachment is a must. A bagger attachment hooks up to the mower deck discharge and collects everything that would normally be shot out from under the mower deck. This includes grass clippings, leaves, and other debris you might mow over.

Baggers can also be paired with a blower attachment to work together and function more like a vacuum for the excess debris around your lawn.




If you prefer to not have grass clippings, leaves, or debris on your sidewalk or lawn, a blower attachment is a great option for you. Not only does a blower help to clear away grass clippings, leaves, and debris, but it can also be useful when you are wanting to clear and prep a section for your garden. Keep in mind that a blower attachment is not going to collect anything like a bagger does, it simply blows it from the area it is currently in.



Utility Carts

Landscaping and gardening projects can become very labor-intensive when it comes to moving your materials. The simple addition of a utility cart to your lawn mower or lawn tractor can save your back from carrying heavy items across your lawn to the project location. These utility carts work great when it comes to picking up yard toys or needing a spot for water balloons at a kids’ party.




Pesky weeds are a thing of the past with the addition of a sprayer attachment for your lawn mower or tractor. A sprayer attachment allows you to control weeds across your lawn with the easy application of broadcast spray. If you have random spots that you want to be able to spot treat, there are some sprayer attachments that come with a wand as well. With the wand, you can spot-treat weeds on your lawn or around your landscaping.



Where can I find lawn mower attachments near me?

Adding attachments to your lawn mower or lawn tractor allows for a variety of additional uses for your equipment. Make sure you are ready for spring and all your yard projects with the right attachments from your local Koenig Equipment dealership. Our trained sales staff at Koenig Equipment can help you pick the right lawn mower or lawn tractor attachments to maximize your productivity this season. Find attachments online, and contact our team today.


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