Which New Equipment Does a Landscaping Business Need to Have?

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John Deere Landscaping Equipment

Starting a landscaping business can be a big undertaking. At Koenig Equipment we understand that you are making an investment in the future of your business when you look to purchase your landscaping equipment. With a variety of compact utility tractors and attachments as well as mowers and more, you will be able to leave Koenig Equipment confident in your purchase and ready to make great strides with your business.


Which types of equipment does my landscaping business need?

There is a wide variety of equipment to consider for a landscaping business. If you plan to offer a full-service landscaping business, there are multiple attachments that you will need in order to complete all the tasks you are willing to offer to customers. Below is a list of equipment you are looking at needing when starting your business.

  • Commercial Mower (or two depending on how big your business is)
  • Compact Utility Tractor (2 or 3 Series)
    • Attachments:
      • Box Blade
      • Loader
      • Tiller
      • Landscape Rake
      • Rear Blade
  • Compact Construction Equipment will take your landscaping business and offers to the next level! With the power and abilities of John Deere CCE equipment, there will be no limits of what you can offer your customers.
    • Skid Steer
    • Compact Track Loaders
    • Excavators

Along with basic equipment like listed above, you will also need some Stihl equipment to help make sure you are able to finalize the perfect curbside appeal for every customer.

  • Stihl Trimmer
  • Stihl Blower
  • Stihl Hedge Trimmer
  • Stihl Chainsaw

With all of this equipment, you will be able to provide your customers with a full list of landscaping options. Some of these include: seasonal cleanups, lawn maintenance, garden maintenance, sodding, seeding, mulching, pruning, shrub removal, and much more! The more you can satisfy your customers with the services provided and done well, the more likely you will be to retain and continue to grow your business.


Should I buy new or used landscaping equipment?

Ideally with purchasing new equipment, you know it hasn’t been used yet, and has been set up and received start-up services from a Certified Koenig Equipment Technician. Purchasing used landscaping equipment might be a better fit for your business if you know the seller and how they maintained their equipment. Usually there are better sales and financing options when purchasing new landscaping equipment though. When buying new, you know the equipment is ready to go when you are, and won’t require any maintenance or service before you can start your work.


Can I find deals on landscape equipment packages?

At Koenig Equipment we have everything you need to start your landscaping business. Once you know the services you are going to offer your customers, our sales experts will work with you directly to customize a landscape equipment package to fit your business exactly. Not only do we have all the equipment you are looking for, but we also offer some great financing offers as well.