Which Snow Removal Tips, Hacks, & Advice Should Commercial Businesses Know?

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Whether you are the owner of a new or well-established snow removal business, it is always good to re-evaluate and make sure your business is operating at peak performance. Continue reading to learn some of the best tips, hacks, and advice for your business.

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What are the snow removal tips, hacks & advice that every pro should know?

We all know there are a lot of things involved in owning, running, and operating a business. While this is not a full list of tips, hacks, and advice for every snow removal pro, it is definitely the item on the top of the list.


  1. Use the right tools for the right situation

If you are just starting your commercial snow removal business, make sure you know what your target job is and that you have the right equipment for it. If your business plan is to work on residential driveways, you need to make sure your equipment isn’t too large to easily maneuver around the driveway. Don’t forget snowblowers are also a great option if you plan to have businesses as clients. Snowblowers work great for sidewalks.

  1. Insurance & contracts for snow removal businesses matter

In every business, you hope nothing goes wrong where you need to file a claim or use your insurance coverage, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get insurance. If you are running a commercial snow removal business, you need to make sure you have the proper liability insurance coverage with a snowplowing rider. Consult with your insurance agent about the full scope of your business operation and they will help verify you have the proper insurance and liability coverage.

Contracts are a key part of any service business. Make sure your customers know you are serious about your business and services with a contract. Not only does this ensure the customer is aware of all the services and rates, but it also ensures the customer’s intent to pay. Your snow removal contracts don’t have to be complicated. If they are clear and concise, that is what matters. Be sure to include the important items like costs, times of service, additional services like salting when icy, and contact information. You can find free templates for snow removal contracts online to get you started.

  1. Stake driveways for snow removal

It’s not very common, but the snowplow operator (or owner) should take the responsibility for any damage that may happen to a customer’s property during snow removal. When you have seasonal-contract properties, be sure to stake the property before the first snowfall of the year. By taking ownership of any damages and going back in the spring to repair a few spots in someone’s yard, you will build a reputation for your commitment and dedication to the job and the customer.

  1. How to overcome snow removal equipment failures

Even with proper maintenance and service, when working with equipment there is still a chance of breakdowns or equipment failures. While this can happen to anyone with equipment, when you have a business and a contracted responsibility to remove snow, you need to make sure you have a plan to get your customers’ properties cleared as contracted. If your equipment can’t get the job done, make sure you have access to rental equipment or even another friend or business you can subcontract the job out to if necessary. With contracted clients, you need to ensure you have a backup plan if you experience an equipment failure, so you don’t encounter any liability issues.

  1. How to generate positive customer reviews

If you are just starting your business, generating positive customer reviews to grow your business is a must. You might have some local friends and business owners that will hire you in the beginning, but you are still going to have to put in the work and do a good job in order for them to recommend you and give you a good review. Make sure you are staking the snow properly. Don’t stack snow too high or where it will cause visibility issues for any drivers or pedestrians, as well as make sure you pile it in a well-drained area for when it melts.

Another great way to start building customers is to contact other well-established snow-removal businesses and offer to be a subcontractor. By filling in for an established business, you can build your reputation through word of mouth.

Ensure you have a spot for customers to leave their reviews! Your end goal should be to have a company website, but when starting a business, the additional costs of a website may not be an option. With social media platforms, you can quickly and easily build a business page to start promoting and show your work to gain followers. These platforms also offer a place for customers to leave reviews.

  1. Maintain & service key equipment

As with any equipment, you need to make sure you properly maintain and service your equipment. Snow removal isn’t necessarily needed every day, it is needed when Mother Nature decides. Take advantage of the days you don’t have to remove snow by giving your equipment the proper maintenance it needs. This will help ensure it is ready to work when Mother Nature decides to give us some snow.


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