Which Types of Hay and Forage Equipment Can Simplify My Workday?

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What are the problems that hay producers have?

While the weather is usually a prime concern that farmers face, the biggest key element is proper nutrition for their livestock. Anything and everything that touches the hay during cutting, baling, and storage can affect the quality of the forage you are feeding your livestock, which is why finding the right equipment for the job is critical.

Do you already know the specific hay and forage implements that you need? Take a look at the current solutions and filter by brand, location, and options. If you have questions or want to make a specific inquiry, you can also contact the team at Koenig Equipment to get answers.


Which hay & forage implements can make my day easier?

Over time, hay and forage implement manufacturers continue to work and improve the implements to help ensure the quality of the harvest. Learn what implements are available to help make your hay operation run effectively.


Hay Tedders & Hay Rakes (Enorossi)

High-quality hay rakes and tedders are essential to any hay operation. Minimizing debris is a key factor for most producers, and a quality rake or tedder can help in this area. The lineup of Enrossi rakes and tedders are built to last with quality steel tube construction and a variety of sizes to find the perfect fit for any operation.


Bale Wrappers & Inline Wrappers (Econo-Wrap)

Air exposure can affect the quality of hay for your livestock. Inline and bale wrappers keep air out and allow the hay to ferment properly. When baled and wrapped at the proper moisture, your livestock will have fresh, more palatable hay throughout the season.


Feed Mixers (Penta)

Proper mixing is vital when feeding your livestock. Mixing your feed properly ensures your livestock gets the correct balance of nutrients and supplements in their feed. A trusted Penta TMR mixer is an important asset to your operation. Penta mixers are designed and tested to withstand long hours and extreme use for daily livestock needs.


Bale Hugger, Bale Spears, Bale Forks (Tar River)

Moving hay is a constant in any hay and livestock operation. In most cases, a bale hugger, spear, or fork will all accomplish the same task; moving the bale. Tar River offers all three options so each producer can pick the right option for their operation. A bale hugger is especially important when working with single-wrapped bales to prevent moisture.


Manure Spreaders (Pik Rite)

It is important to have a manure spreader that is built to work. Pik Rite manure spreaders were inspired by producers and made to increase productivity while reducing waste. Pik Rite manure spreaders offer peace of mind with even distribution to ensure you apply the desired amount of fertilizer to your fields.


Where can I find hay & forage equipment near me?

Koenig Equipment has become your go-to spot for all things John Deere, but we have so much more to offer! We have partnered with some of the best brands in the industry to meet the needs of your hay and forage operation. Visit your local Koenig Equipment dealership to learn more about the hay and forage pieces we have discussed today, or click to view the brochure to learn more.


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