Why Should I Choose a 1 Series Compact Utility Tractor for My Property?

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John Deere compact tractors are popular due to their ability to handle front and rear attachments, their various models and features, and differences in horsepower. Koenig Equipment offers 1-4 series John Deere compact utility tractors so you can find the tractor best suited for your needs.

The John Deere 1 Series lineup of compact utility tractors is designed for properties of 5 acres or less. Continue reading to learn more about what the John Deere 1025R and 1023E compact utility tractors have to offer.



What does the John Deere 1 Series lineup have to offer?

The John Deere 1 Series have what the best small farm tractors should have: fine-tuned engineering. Add a loader, backhoe and blade and you have the perfect mini tractor. The result is a great sub-compact utility tractor that can double as a riding lawn mower.

Regarding various tasks around your small property, the John Deere 1 Series offers the perfect power and versatility to get the job done. The main benefits the John Deere 1 Series family has to offer include:

  • Durability – Rest assured, knowing your equipment is built to last with the high-quality materials and components that the John Deere name is known for.
  • Versatility – Offering multiple models, you can choose the right amount of horsepower for you and your property and choose from a variety of attachments to help you move from one task to the next with ease, whether hauling, mowing, snow removing, digging, or anything in-between.
  • Comfort – Easy-to-reach controls and a comfortable, high-back seat provide a relaxing operator's station.
  • Easy maintenance – The John Deere 1 Series models are designed with easy access to service points and a tool-free oil change system for easy maintenance any time of year.


What John Deere 1 Series models are available?

The John Deere 1 Series family includes two models, the 1023E and 1025R. Coming from the same family, these two compact utility tractors are very similar and will quickly become your favorite equipment on your property.



With its power and versatility, the 1023E is a popular option for small property owners. The John Deere 1023E is useful all year long with its ability to operate on various terrains, including loose gravel, snowy driveways, muddy plots, and steep hills.


What are the key features of the John Deere 1023E?

Offering up to 22 hp, the John Deere 1023E has a powerful, quiet, three-cylinder diesel engine to provide the power you need around your property and the benefit of 4WD and power steering. Enjoy a comfortable ride while operating in the open operator's station that is easy to get in and out of, thanks to the handrails on each fender.

Versatility is taken to the next level with the implement compounding feature that allows you to attach more than one implement at a time. When it does come time to change implements, the Quik-Tatch™ front hitch makes changing front implements effortless. The AutoConnect™ system allows operators to change mid-mount implements without additional tools quickly, and the iMatch™ Quick-Hitch makes changing compatible rear implements as simple as backing in and picking up.



The John Deere 1025R compact utility tractor is an excellent addition to any property. With the option to choose from various front, rear, or mid-mount attachments, the 1025R is as versatile as you need to tackle almost any task around your property efficiently.


What are the key features of the John Deere 1025R?

The John Deere 1025R is built with a Tier-4 diesel engine, offering 24.2 hp, 4WD, and power steering. The open operator’s station provides comfort and convenience with upgraded features. Operators with twin-touch foot controls and hydrostatic transmission can increase productivity, even on rough terrain. Take your 1025R John Deere tractor to the next task by quickly switching attachments regardless of if they are front-end, mid-mount, or rear attachments.


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What attachments are available for 1 Series models?

The variety of attachments available for 1 Series compact utility tractors makes them popular and versatile. John Deere offers front-end, mid-mount, and rear attachments for the 1 Series models, which allows owners to accomplish almost any task. The combination of endless attachment options allows you to pick the perfect pieces for your specific needs.


Front-end Attachments

Front-end attachments are mounted onto the front loader. Depending on the task, you can add attachments such as buckets, pallet forks, bale spears, or grapples to the front loader.


Mid-mount Attachments

Mid-mount attachments get their name because they are mounted directly to the mid-mount PTO of the tractor. Some popular mid-mount attachments are mower decks, front loaders, front blades, snow blowers, and rotary brooms.


Rear Attachments

Rear attachments mount to the 3-point hitch on the back of the tractor. John Deere 1 Series rear attachments feature an iMatch™ Quick-Hitch system, making changing rear attachments a breeze. Some popular rear attachments include rotary tillers, backhoes, rear blades, box scrapers, and post-hole diggers.


Where can I find a John Deere 1 Series Compact Utility Tractor near me?

Whether you are looking for your first John Deere compact utility tractor or wanting to add some additional attachments to your lineup, Koenig Equipment is here for you.

Use the Build Your Own feature to customize your perfect tractor package, or choose from one of our pre-configured Tractor Packages. With the full inventory of John Deere 1 Series tractors and attachments, your local Koenig Equipment is your one-stop shop for all your property equipment needs.




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