Why Should I Consider the Purchase of the TS Gator UTV over the CX Gator UTV for my Property?

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Why is the John Deere TS Utility Vehicle a Better Fit for Customer Needs?

Have you had your eyes on the John Deere CX Utility Vehicle? The Gator CX was produced to fill the needs of suburban and small property owners. However, John Deere found that customers were needing more from a Utility Vehicle. They decided that the TS Gator was a better fit for their Customers' needs over the CX Model since it provided a better variety of options to choose from. Thus, the CX Gator ended its production in 2014. 

There isn’t a new unit that’s directly comparable, but the next best option is the John Deere TS Utility Vehicle. While the TS UTV is similar to the previous CX version, it has some updated features.  Learn more about the key differences between the CX and TS UTV, or discover the new TS UTV in Koenig Equipment’s current inventory.

John Deere TS Utility Vehicle

What does the John Deere CX Utility Vehicle have in common with the TS Utility Vehicle?

Both the CX UTV and TS UTV are 4x2 Utility Vehicles and have two, non-adjustable bucket seats. Neither of these units have power steering, but do have cargo bed tilt.   


What are the key differences between the John Deere CX Utility Vehicle and the TS Utility Vehicle?

While the CX and TS Utility Vehicles have a similar style and specs, there are several key improvements and upgrades to the TS UTV.

              TS 4x2 UTV                                                                      CX 4x2 UTV

  • 4-Cycle Gas Engine                                               -   Single Cylinder Engine
  • 5 Gallon Fuel Capacity                                         -   3 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • 13.5 hp                                                                    -   8.5 hp
  • 900 lb. Towing Capacity                                       -   600 lb. Towing Capacity
  • 500 lb. Cargo Bed Capacity                                  -   400 lb. Cargo Bed Capacity
  • Bed Dimensions: 39.5”(L) x 49”(W) x 9”(H)         -   28.9”(L) x 38.2” (W) x 7.8” (H)


What is the John Deere TS Utility Vehicle designed for?

The TS UTV is engineered with the Best in Work Class Capability, as well as enhanced stability for better performance on difficult terrain. The TS UTV is built for everyday hard work. Whether you’re loading up feed for livestock, mulch and rock for landscaping, or construction materials, the TS UTV has the capability to handle just about anything you need to move.


Where can I find my new John Deere Utility Vehicle today?

Koenig Equipment in Indian and Ohio have a full line up of new John Deere utility vehicles in stock and ready for you to check out. Browse through our current UTV inventory and contact our team to get additional information. Do you still have questions? Take a look at the TS UTV product page and dig into the details.  

You can find more information on the TS UTV on Koenig Equipment's website.  

Find information on all the UTVs Koenig Equipment has to offer by visiting their Lawn & Garden Solutions page.