Why Should I Upgrade to a John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter?

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During the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show, John Deere introduced their new ExactEmerge™ planter. Since then, the planter has delivered on the promise of improved accuracy and increased speed. Continue reading to learn what the ExactEmerge™ planter can provide for your operation.


How does the ExactEmerge™ planter system work?

How does the ExactEmerge™ planter achieve uniform emergence and seed spacing, plant at the correct population, and within the optimal weather window? The simple answer is advanced technology and innovation, but some of the specifics can be found below. 



How does the ExactEmerge™ deliver seeds?

Seed delivery is an important consideration of any planting system. When you are planting, you need to know your seed is being delivered to the ground safely and accurately. The John Deere ExactEmerge™ has a specially designed BrushBelt™ seed delivery system that cradles the seed as it travels from the meter down to the seed trench while maintaining proper seed spacing. This delivery system can match the ground speed exactly, quickly adjusting to seed changes to ensure the seed population remains at the programmed rate.


What unique features does the ExactEmerge™ offer?

The ExactEmerge™ planter offers some unique features outside the special seed delivery system. Each row-unit has two 56-volt electric motors that independently rotate the meter and brush belt. These maintenance-free and brushless motors are designed to last, all while helping achieve the desired seed population.

Terrain adaptability is a popular feature of the ExactEmerge™. This planter can handle various seed shapes and sizes without mechanical adjustments and remains accurate on varying slopes up to 15 degrees. The planter seamlessly transitions between terrains, increasing your workday productivity.


How fast does the ExactEmerge™ planter go?

The John Deere ExactEmerge™ planter is known as a high-speed planter. With the ExactEmerge™, you can plant a prepared field at speeds of up to 10 mph while maintaining accurate seed placement and spacing.


How can the ExactEmerge™ planter benefit my operation?

Increased productivity and reliability are important benefits the ExactEmerge™ planter can offer your operation. With planting rates of up to 10 mph, you can cover the same acres in less time. Not only does this allow you to hit tight planting windows, but you are putting fewer hours on your tractor, reducing depreciation.

To prove the benefits, we took a new ExactEmerge planter and ran it side-by-side another brand new planter with lower technology specs on it. This helped answer the question: Does all of this technology really pay for itself?. Watch the video below to find out the results of this field trial.  



Can I convert my current planter to an ExactEmerge™ planter?

When you’re interested in the features of an ExactEmerge™ planter but the timing isn't right to purchase a new planter, there is an option to convert your current planter. John Deere offers ExactEmerge™ performance upgrade kits. These kits allow you to benefit from the latest row unit technology on the planter you already own. ExactEmerge™ performance upgrade kits are available for model year 2005 and newer 1770NT CCS and 1790 planters, and model year 2012 and newer DB Series planters.

The performance upgrade kit includes a new shank, meter, openers, gauge wheel arms and bushings, hydraulic downforce system, and electrical system. The ExactEmerge™ performance upgrade kit is also compatible with SeedStar™ 4HP, Connect Mobile, and JDLink™ monitor systems.


Where can I find more information on John Deere ExactEmerge™ planters?

Whether you are looking to purchase a John Deere ExactEmerge™ planter or interested in upgrading your current planter with ExactEmerge™ retrofit kits, the trained specialists at Koenig Equipment are here to help. Contact your local dealership to learn more about ExactEmerge™ planter options available for you and your operation.


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