Zero-Turn Mowers vs. Garden Tractors: Which Is Right for My Property?

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John Deere Zero-Turn vs Garden Tractor


What are the benefits of a zero-turn mower?

There is no doubt that residential zero-turn mowers have become very popular. Zero-turn mowers offer better maneuverability than garden tractors. With average speeds of 5-8 mph, you are able to get your yard mowed quicker. Whether you are looking for a mower for .5 or 5+ acres, with a wide variety of zero-turn mower models, there is a model perfect to fit the size of your property.


What are the benefits of a garden tractor?

Garden tractors are more weighted than zero-turn mowers. This makes them great for adding different attachments to use on your property as well. Some of these attachments can include tillers, carts, front blades, or even snow blowers.


Is a zero-turn or a garden tractor right for me?

Deciding which type of mower is the right fit for you can be a little confusing sometimes. Here are a few key things to look at to help you decide which choice is right for you.

A zero-turn is the right fit for you if:

  • Simply mowing grass is the goal
  • Compact areas or lawns that need to maneuver landscaping and other obstacles

A garden tractor is the right fit for you if:

  • Trying to tackle multiple jobs (not just mowing grass)
  • You need to plow snow, grade your driveway, tow materials, etc.


Where can I find new zero-turn mowers and garden tractors for sale?

Whether you are looking for a new zero-turn mower or prefer a garden tractor, Koenig Equipment has a variety of models and deck sizes to help you find the perfect mower for your property. Still unsure as to which type of mower is best for you? Worry no more! Our sales experts are here to help you decide which option is best for you and your property. Visit one of our 15 locations in Ohio or Indiana to see and compare the differences of a zero-turn mower and garden tractor yourself.