Is Your Combine Ready for Harvest? Key Things to Check Before You Go to the Field:


Cutting & Feeding: Correctly maintained and adjusted platforms, heads, & feeding systems must operate at a speed and height which will hold and remove all the harvested crop without seed loss and then deliver that material undamaged in an uniform mat to the threshing area of the combine. 

Areas of Concern: Cutter bar shatter; Reel shatter; Slug feeding, Row shelling; Ear bounce; Excessive stalks; Auger carryover; Crop auger damage, Feeder house conveyor speeds; Feeder house drum height.

Technology in Agriculture: Farm Forward 2.0

Farm Forward With New John Deere Technology

Agricultural technology is constantly changing, and John Deere is a leader in providing the hardware and connectivity that continues to move the industry forward. As a John Deere dealer, Koenig Equipment is proud to be a part of what makes our customers’ lives easier, more profitable, and moves us all into the future as we continue to feed a growing population. 

Feed the People not the Insects

With summer quickly approaching and the sun finally making an appearance,  it’s time for farmers to take into consideration how they are going to keep their crops safe from insects. As you are preparing for the summer months remember these key objectives when protecting your crops. 

Know the Insects

Summer Farm Work

We’re right in the middle of planting season, which means long summer hours working on the farm are not far off. As we look ahead, the farming experts at Koenig Equipment have put together a few tips to keep you safe and healthy throughout the summer. Let’s take a look.

Inspect Equipment

Farm Flooding Prevention

If there’s one thing we can count on this time of year it’s the total unpredictability of the weather. We had snow on the ground just last week! As we combat these changing conditions, one potentially devastating situation to keep in mind is possible flooding on your land. If caught unprepared, flooding can have a terrible impact on your business, your livestock, and your buildings. To help you avoid a similar situation, the farming experts at Koenig Equipment have compiled some tips to help you prevent flooding on your farm. Let’s take a look.

Proper Drainage

Planting Season Tips

Planting season is right around the corner! As unpredictable as the weather has been this year it’s important that everyone hits the ground running once the temperature starts to rise. As your farm prepares for another season, Koenig Equipment has put together a few tips to help you have a productive and safe planting season. Let’s take a look.

Equipment Review

Winter Animal Safety

We’ve seen some record-setting low temperatures recently, and winter is not done with us yet. As we continue to battle the cold weather, the experts at Koenig Equipment put together a few tips to help make sure your animals are properly cared for throughout this season.

Temperature Regulation

Tips for Buying a Snowblower

We’ve recently seen some milder weather but from past years we know better - this weather could change on a dime! Before we know it we could once again be out in the early morning cold trying to dig ourselves out of the driveway to get to work. One tool that could make those mornings significantly easier is a snow blower. The experts at Koenig Equipment have some tips on what to consider before you make such a purchase. Let’s take a look!

Snowblower Types

Preparing your Farm for Winter

We’re getting deeper into the cold weather, meaning proper winter preparation for you and your farm is becoming increasingly important by the day. We recently talked about proper winter storage of your combine, but today we want to look at the slightly bigger picture and share some of our overall recommendations for preparing your entire farm for the winter. Let’s take a look at what the Koenig Equipment experts have to say:

Have an Emergency Plan

Combine Winter Storage Tips

It’s the end of November and we have already seen the first snow of the year. Before winter sets in completely, it’s important to prepare your farm equipment such as combines for the cold weather storage. Below are some suggestions from the team here at Koenig Equipment:

Consult your manual - The documentation provided with your combine should outline details such as storage recommendations as well as maintenance guidelines. Following these best practices will ensure the ideal preparation for your combine’s long-term storage.