Preparing your Farm for Winter

We’re getting deeper into the cold weather, meaning proper winter preparation for you and your farm is becoming increasingly important by the day. We recently talked about proper winter storage of your combine, but today we want to look at the slightly bigger picture and share some of our overall recommendations for preparing your entire farm for the winter. Let’s take a look at what the Koenig Equipment experts have to say:

Have an Emergency Plan

Combine Winter Storage Tips

It’s the end of November and we have already seen the first snow of the year. Before winter sets in completely, it’s important to prepare your farm equipment such as combines for the cold weather storage. Below are some suggestions from the team here at Koenig Equipment:

Consult your manual - The documentation provided with your combine should outline details such as storage recommendations as well as maintenance guidelines. Following these best practices will ensure the ideal preparation for your combine’s long-term storage.

Benefits of the Zero Turn Lawn Mower

You’ve likely heard the zero turn mower referred to as a superior mowing experience over a more conventional setup such as a lawn tractor. What are the factors that truly set zero turn mowers above the rest? The experts at Koenig Equipment have broken some of these down for you! Let’s take a look.

Benefits of a Gator Utility Vehicle

Why Buy John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles?

At some point you may be looking for another piece of equipment to add to your farm’s fleet. Sometimes as you are completing various tasks across your land, it may be beneficial to have a smaller vehicle on hand that is easily accessible for quick trips. This is where the John Deere Gator comes into play. What makes a Gator such a valuable asset? The experts at Koenig Equipment have broken it down for you below!


Harvest Safety Tips

A safe harvest is a successful harvest. If you haven’t checked out our Harvest Preparation Tips blog, make sure you read that first! As we draw closer to that important time of the year, Koenig Equipment is sharing some of our tips to ensure you can get your work done while avoiding potential issues.

Importance of a Clean Mower Deck

Tips and Advice for Cleaning Mower Decks

One major area of both walk behind and riding lawn mowers that commonly gets overlooked throughout the season is the underside of the mower deck that houses the mower blades. When the deck gets clogged and caked with cut grass it can be harmful to both your mower and your lawn.

Lawn Mowing Tips from Koenig Equipment

John Deere Mower


Start your mowing season out right with these tips to ensure safety, keep your lawn healthy, and maintain the quality of your equipment.

Check the Lawn-We see a lot of mower blades damaged early in the season due to hidden debris. Take the time to walk the lawn and check for rocks, sticks, and tree roots that may have heaved during the winter.

11 Simple Steps to Level a Mower Deck

How to Level a Mower Deck

Spring is on its way! It’s just about time to hop on the mower and start cutting. You can almost smell that fresh cut grass!

We know you take pride in your lawn and your lawn care equipment, so you want that first cut to look great. You don’t want ruts or an uneven cut to ruin all of your hard work. If you do notice these common issues while mowing, you are likely working with an unlevel mower deck.

Spring Tractor Prep

Spring will be here before we know it, which means now is a good time to start thinking about preparing your tractor for the upcoming farming season. Like all other farming equipment, if properly stored this should be a simple task.  However, if you put your tractor into storage with little preparation, here are some items to consider before hitting the fields. 

Safety Checks

Nothing is more important than the personal safety of you and those associated with your equipment.  Key safety checks include: