The Early History Of Tractor Sales And Tractors As Farm Equipment

While our main thing is tractor sales in Indiana and Ohio, we still like to talk and write about other things too. In this case we delve into the history of farming, how tractors were used, and other forms of farm equipment before tractors.
The history of tractors in agriculture is a long and storied one. There's a lot to it that most people may not know. Sure, many of us have played with tractors as kids and we know that they're used in farming. But if you didn't grow up in a rural environment, you may well not be familiar with just how important they are in growing most of the food we eat.
Early on in colonial times in the United States of America, the most important things to a farmer was his oxen and/or horses. Oxen are stronger than horses and can pull more weight. Horses do a fine job but sometimes can founder a bit if they get worked too hard after a long layoff. Oxen can pretty much just get up and go. 

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This is the first in a series of posts we'll be doing. We'll talk about lots of agricultural terms and explain things in layman's terms. We'll touch on agriculture history, various tractors and other farm implements and farm equipment. Of course we'll cover John Deere farm equipment and tractor sales, but we'll also touch on all manner and brands of tractors.