Compact Construction FAQ, Tips, & Advice

Koenig Equipment Compact Construction Equipment FAQ, Tips, & Advice

Do you have questions about compact construction equipment? The experts at Koenig Equipment have the answers you’ve been looking for. Whether you need a new excavator to keep your construction business moving or attachments to maintain a property, we can provide the support you need. Read below to find the common questions we hear from customers.

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Q: Which compact construction equipment solutions are available from John Deere?

John Deere has developed an impressive lineup of compact construction equipment solutions to haul, move, or load just about anything. Learn all about the available options and contact the team at Koenig Equipment to schedule a demo today.

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Q: What’s the difference between a compact wheel loader, a skid steer, and a compact track loader?

Read through our detailed comparison of three popular John Deere loader options and find the right one for your operation.

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Q: How can a small skid steer support a landscaping business?

Do you have a landscaping company that needs to improve productivity and efficiency? Find out how a small skid steer can help you manage your projects.

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Q: How do mini excavators compare?

The current John Deere lineup of mini excavators has several options to consider. Check out our detailed guide and find the right options for your growing business.

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Q: Which sizes, weights, and types of excavators are available from John Deere?

Discover the different size options for John Deere excavators and contact the team at Koenig Equipment to schedule a demo.

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Q: Which attachments are available for compact construction equipment?

Do you need to get more out of your construction equipment? Find out which attachments you can add to tackle any project or task.

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Q: Which loader attachments are right for me?

Do you have questions about loader attachments or material handling? Discover the options that Koenig Equipment offers and contact us to order.

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Q: Where can I find service and support for compact construction equipment?

From general maintenance to specific repairs, the expert technicians at Koenig Equipment can provide the service solutions you need to maintain your compact construction equipment. Get additional details on available services and contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Do you still have questions about compact construction equipment or maintenance? Find the Koenig Equipment location nearest you, and give us a call to schedule a maintenance appointment, an equipment inspection, or discuss new or used compact construction equipment solutions.