Frontier Landscaping Equipment

Frontier Landscaping

Rear Blades

Complete your gardening, landscaping and driveway chores with a sturdy Frontier™ Rear Blade.  Available in Economy, Standard, Medium and Heavy Duty with widths ranging from 48" to 120".

  • Easy adjustment simplifies grading and leveling
  • iMatch™ or Quick-Coupler compatible

Box Blades

Level uneven ground and simply grading tasks with a Frontier™ Box Blade.  Available in 48" - 60" working widths.

  • Tailgate can be fixed or float
  • Shanks are easily replaceable
  • iMatch™ and/or Quick-Coupler compatible

Landscape Rakes

Clean up and groom landscape, from debris and brush removal to surface leveling and final seed preparation, with a Landscape Rake.  Challenge tough landscaping jobs with this attachment, available in Economy, Standard or Medium duty and lengths ranging from 48" to 96".

  • Rugged tubular steel frame
  • Long-lasting steel spring tines
  • iMatch™ compatible

Post Hole Diggers/Augers

Whether on the jobsite or on the farm, drill down deeply and quickly with a Frontier™ Post Hole Digger.  Available with 36" or 48" auger lengths and PTO ranging from 15 to 90 HP.

  • 2 in. (5.1 cm) output shaft in gearbox
  • Heavy-duty shielded PTO shaft

Land Planes

Level driveways, fill potholes, or recondition gravel areas with an all-purpose Frontier™ Land Plane.  Count on the durable frame to smooth difficult terrain.  Available in working widths ranging from 48" to 120", with heavy-duty options available.

  • Pull-type or 3-point-hitch-mounted models
  • Two cutting edges promote ground leveling
  • Optional adjustable scarifier shanks (LP12 Series only)
  • Match™ and/or Quick-Coupler compatible
  • Adjustible skid shoes (LP12 Series only)

Core Aerators

Keep your lawn, park, or golf course healthy by reducing soil compaction and promoting air, water and nutrient circulation with a Frontier™ Core Aerator.  Available in 48" to 72" widths.

  • Reduces compaction and increases soil vitality
  • Two bronze bushings per rotor for wear resistance
  • Penetrates to depth of 4.5 in. (11.4 cm)
  • iMatch™ compatible

Wood Chippers

Quickly clean up tree branches and turn into wood chips or wood chip mulch with a Frontier™ Wood Chipper.

  • Gravity or hydraulic feed system
  • Feed stop control bar with reverser (WC1205 & WC1208 only)
  • iMatch™ and/or Quick-Coupler compatible (iMatch only on WC1103)