Industry News

Mother Bin Keeps Combines Rolling


Walkabout Mother Bins is producing 4,000-bushel in-field grain storage bins, hoping to give combines a chance to continue rolling during harvest when trucks get backed up.

Todd's Take


If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably market manipulation.



DTN Tax Columnist Rod Mauszycki gives an overview of 1031 Exchanges for those farmers considering leaving farming.

Glyphosate Still Under Review


EPA determined that glyphosate is likely to have adverse effects on 1,675 endangered species and 759 critical habitats; the agency now must consult with other federal agencies on how to mitigate those risks.

Hooded Sprayers Get Another Look


Hooded sprayers could make a comeback to reduce the chances of drift when spraying dicamba over the top of tolerant crops and to reduce new buffer requirements in soybeans for the herbicide.

Family Business Matters


This practical advice can help create better connections with family business partners.

Animal Rights Groups Cry Foul


A number of animal rights groups filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging Cargill is misleading consumers with its turkey marketing.

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends


Average retail prices were slightly lower for five fertilizers and slightly higher for three fertilizers the third week of November 2020.

Oil Price Spike Supports Corn, Ethanol


Crude oil markets respond to recent COVID-19 news with an 8-month price high.

Protein Outlook


Recovery in the food service industry will be key to how protein markets move through 2021.