Industry News from February 2019

Lines Drawn on Proposed WOTUS Rule


A number of people came out both in support and opposition to the proposed waters of the United States, or WOTUS, rule during a public hearing on Thursday.

Trade Victory No Guarantee of Spoils


U.S. wheat and rice farmers won a major ruling in the World Trade Organization on Thursday over China's domestic subsidies for crops from 2012-2015. But the case could become gridlocked at the WTO's appellate level where the Trump administration keeps blocking the appointment of new judges.

DTN Field Roundup


A flurry of farmer activity is underway, as growers finalize seed selections, hash out fertilizer plans, ready sprayers -- and shovel snow.

Listen to the Land - 3


Nebraska farm uses technology to conserve groundwater for future generations.

Lighthizer Sees Bigger China Ag Trade


Lawmakers repeatedly told U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Wednesday that farmers in their districts are hurting from the trade dispute with China, but Republicans said farmers back the president and his efforts. Lighthizer said farmers follow the trade negotiations a lot closer than most Americans and are demanding structural changes to U.S-China trade.

Kub's Den


Diversifying into a mix of crops beyond the usual corn-and-soybean rotation can be a strategy for better financial resilience, but it needs to be a years-long project and not just a rush of farmers all clamoring for the next big thing.

Projected Revenue Insurance Prices


February is the month in which the projected prices of corn, soybeans and spring wheat for revenue insurance purposes are determined for many states.

Russ' Vintage Iron


Russ Quinn shares how his son wanted to drive a special tractor in a National FFA Week event that encouraged FFA members to drive their tractors to school.

Listen to the Land - 2


Iowa farmer experiments with cover crops to enrich the land for the next wave of growers.

Rural Infrastructure


As USDA and others try to expand rural broadband access, the country is facing an aging transportation infrastructure in need of expensive repairs.