These States Have Best Corn Conditions


LINCOLN, Neb. (DTN) -- Though the national corn crop condition rating was slightly downgraded by USDA in its latest weekly Crop Progress report on Monday, several states turned in very high good-to-excellent ratings.

Overall U.S. corn condition was rated 64% good to excellent, down 1 percentage point from 65% the previous week and down 8 percentage points from this time last year (…).

Farmers in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Colorado and North Carolina, reported the best corn crops of any producers in the nation.

Pennsylvania's nation-leading good-to-excellent rating on corn in Monday's report came in at 88% with 24% of the crop reported as excellent. Pennsylvania's excellent rating leads the nation. According to USDA's acreage report from June 30, 2021, there were 1.38 million acres planted to corn in Pennsylvania.

Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee each recorded the second-highest good-to-excellent ratings in the country on corn at 82%. Michigan and Tennessee scored 23% excellent ratings on corn, while Kentucky came in at 15%. Kentucky farmers planted 1.55 million acres this year, according to USDA, while Michigan producers planted 2.25 million acres. Tennessee farmers planted 1.05 million acres to corn this year.

Corn crops in Ohio and Nebraska recorded the third-highest good-to-excellent ratings in the country this week, each at 76%. Nebraska's 23% excellent rating is among the top six among all states and Ohio's excellent rating came in at 17%. According to the latest USDA acreage report Nebraska farmers planted 9.7 million acres of corn this season, while Ohio producers planted 3.6 million acres.

Wisconsin, Colorado and North Carolina corn crops round out the top five in good-to-excellent ratings. Wisconsin's rating comes in at 75%, with an excellent rating of 23%. Crops in Colorado and North Carolina reported 74% good-to-excellent ratings, with Colorado producers showing 19% excellent to North Carolina's 17%.

Wisconsin farmers planted 3.9 million acres to corn this season, while Colorado producers planted 1.4 million acres and North Carolina farms planted 960,000 acres.

Illinois and Iowa, which account for about 25% of corn acres planted across the country, were not among the top five in terms of crop condition. The two states combined planted 24.3 million acres this season.

Illinois farmers reported good-to-excellent ratings of 68%, including 23% excellent. The Iowa crop came in at 65% good to excellent, while reporting just 10% excellent.


States with the top good-to-excellent corn ratings as of Sunday, July 25:

1. Pennsylvania 88%

2. (tie) Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee 82%

3. (tie) Ohio, Nebraska 76%

4. Wisconsin 75%

5. (tie) Colorado, North Carolina 74%


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