Frontier Loader Equipment

Frontier Loader Equipment

Improve your productivity with our full line of material handling equipment compatible with John Deere Utility Tractors.

Bale Spears

Round or square, whatever the job, there is a Frontier Bale Spear up to the task. Choose from a wide range of single- and triple-tine models to move and stack bales quickly and easily.

  • Replaceable spears
  • Multiple bale-handling sizes

Pallet Forks

Don’t let heavy objects weigh down your workday. With Frontier Pallet Forks, you can lift pallets, load lumber, move bulky material, or clear construction sites quickly and efficiently.

  • Fork capacity up to 5,500 lb. (2,494.8 kg)
  • Replaceable fork tines
  • Handles palletized products

Debris Grapples

Clean up worksites quickly and efficiently with a powerful Frontier Debris Grapple. The rugged construction enables operators to clutch heavy or bulky items more easily.

  • Maximum clamping force keeps debris stable when transporting
  • Slim design improves visibility
  • Heavy-duty steel construction provides performance and long wear

Root Grapples

Get rid of unwanted brush, rocks, logs, and other debris with a Frontier Root Grapple. It is the perfect tool for storm cleanup or clearing land of rubble and debris.

  • Heavy-duty construction provides long life
  • Fully enclosed mounting frame
  • Protected hydraulic hoses

4-In-1 Buckets

Move loose material, clear logs or debris, or grade and smooth driveways with the versatile 4-in-1 Bucket.

  • Heavy-duty steel hinges resist bending and provide long wear life
  • Sturdy bucket clam seals shut to secure material in transport
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