Inspection Discounts

Equipment gets more complex every year, making it difficult to get the best performance on your own. Don’t let unexpected breakdowns slow you down when you need your equipment the most. Factory-trained technicians at Koenig will make sure your machine is reliable, properly adjusted and ready to go to work when you are. We inspect and service all makes and models of agricultural and lawn & garden equipment. 
Maximize your savings on equipment inspections with a Koenig Rewards membership. Each machine inspection gets a deeper discount as the year goes on, as much as 100% OFF our published prices through the end of the calendar year. The more you use it, the more you save! Here's how it works: 
Agricultural, Commerical, Governmental Inspection Discount Structure
1st InspectionRegular price
2nd Inspection10% off
3rd Inspection20% off
4th Inspection30% off
5th Inspection40% off
6th Inspection50% off
7th Inspection60% off
8th Inspection70% off
9th Inspection80% off
10th Inspection90% off
Additional Inspections100% off


Residential Inspection Discount Structure

1st InspectionRegular price
2nd Inspection25% off
3rd Inspection50% off
4th Inspection60% off
5th Inspection70% off
6th Inspection80% off
7th Inspection90% off
Additional Inspections100% off

You still control your repairs, as all repairs are quoted and must be approved. You can still do your own repairs, and our 10% off parts and labor is still in effect. There is no limit per year*, and you can have your fleet inspected in any order. 

*Unit must be owned by the member account. All discount coupons will be delivered via email, and are not transferable. 
Ask our staff for complete details. Click here to join Koenig Rewards.

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