Frontier RB20 Series Rear Blades

field image of Frontier RB20 rear blade on a tractor

From light utility work to heavy grading,the wide line of Frontier Rear Blades are designed for maximum versatility and performance.

  • iMatchTMĀ compatible
  • Manually adjustable angle
  • Reversible cutting edge
  • Optional end plates
Width in working position1.8 m
6 ft
Moldboard length182.9 cm
72 in.
Moldboard height35.6 cm
14 in.
Moldboard thickness0.6 cm
0.25 in.
Machine129.3 kg
285 lb
Shipping per unit149.7 kg
330 lb
Tractor requirements:
PTO hp (kW)17.2-41 kW
23-55 hp
Angle, tilt, offset, pivot:
Pivot angle degrees360 degree (angle)
Angle forward, number of positionsEach side: 0,15, 30 degree (angle)
Angle reverse, number of positionsEach side: 0,15 degree (angle)
Tilt positions/degreesThree
Offset position left or right30.5 cm
12 in.
TypeCategory 1
Quick hitch compatibilityiMatch compatible (quick-attach system)
Reversible cutting edge:
Thickness1.3 cm
0.5 in.
Height15.2 cm
6 in.
Parking stand:
Standard with machineYes
Time period1 year

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