1600 Series II Turbo

Presenting the 1600 Series II Turbo. With sweeping deck coverage, an innovative baffling system that virtually eliminates clumping and wings that follow ground contour, this machine manages to deliver a quality cut acre after acre. Even more impressively though, is the 1600 Series II Turbo's ability to keep mowing continuously hour after hour, day after day. A high-torque (117.3 ft. lb.) 57-hp engine and an innovative top-draw cooling system ensure this amazing technical advance can more than go the distance.

The 1600 Series II Turbo is surprisingly flexible -- able to maneuver down paths as narrow as 84-inches wide. And, also mow with just one wing and the center deck, or just the center deck alone.

Botkins, Ohio
Germantown, Ohio
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Tipp City, Ohio
Urbana, Ohio

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