Ventrac MWMY Flail Mowers

Ventrac Flail Mower

Fine Cut and Fast Cut Flail Mowers

Introducing new Ventrac attachments in a class all their own - the MW and MY flail mowers. With an out-front mounted design that's uniquely Ventrac, these mower decks turn tall, dense areas into quality finish cuts quickly and efficiently, making them a perfect choice for overgrown areas.

Equipped with scoop knives, MW560 and MW720 Fine Cut flail mowers achieve a quality cut with a finished look on grassy material that gets mowed 3 to 8 times per year.

Featuring Y knives, MY562 and MY722 Fast Cut flail mowers are ideal for dense or brush-type materials. Choose the Fast Cut for overgrown brush and vine areas that don't require regular mowing, but with a better finish than a typical rotary rough-cut mower.

Combined with Ventrac’s capabilities to mow difficult areas such as slopes, wet areas, or retention basins, these mowers will step up your game when it comes to property maintenance.

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