Local Customer Shares Family's Tractor Collection

David York from Shelby County takes great pride in sharing photographs and history behind his family's John Deere tractor collection, and rightfully so.  At last count, the number of utility and row-crop tractors (pictured in the "long" line-up) is 12, ranging from 22 - 210 horsepower, and spanning 70 years.  Many of the tractors have been restored, with the oldest being a 1944 Model B purchased by his father.  Not to be overlooked, David provided a second photo showcasing the family's John Deere lawn and garden equipment.

Summarized by David, "This shows how dependable and durable the John Deere line is to the York family in Russia, Ohio."  David is a customer of Koenig Equipment, and his brother Steve is the father-in-law of Anna branch employee Jeff Holthaus.  Koenig Equipment is pleased to share these photographs, and thanks David for sharing with us!


Roseann Robinson, Marketing

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