Introducing the 2018 John Deere S770 Combine

Koenig Equipment proudly announces the arrival of the brand new 2018 John Deere S770 Combine at the Anna, Ohio location.  The Koenig team is excited to demonstrate the newest S-Series model, recently unveiled to the public by John Deere. 

Watch the area's first S770 combine up close, beginning with its arrival at Koenig on June 21st, progression through the detailed setup process beginning June 22nd, and advancement to local farmers' fields starting June 26th for hands-on demonstrations through wheat harvest and beyond.

Stay tuned for further updates, pictures and videos!    

S770 harvest footage from the field:

The S770 Combine is off to harvest wheat!:

See all the new and enhanced features in this Walk-Around video:

Meet the new 2018 John Deere S770 Combine upon its arrival at Koenig:

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Anna, Ohio
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