Plan ahead for your parts needs this season!

Submitted by Audrey Voisard on Tue, 03/23/2021 - 8:11am

Valued Customers,

Like you, Koenig Equipment is glad to have 2020 behind us and that Spring 2021 brings the promise of improved conditions and fewer restrictions. We thank you for your business and your patience as we have all navigated the challenges together.

Though 2020 is over, and many things are improving, some effects still linger across many industries. The equipment industry is not exempt, and we want to share what we are seeing as we work with you towards a successful spring season.

Our suppliers, including Deere and our numerous short line manufacturers, are still dealing with the residual effects of plant shutdowns, employee attendance, and the related shortages of raw materials in addition to the supply chain disruptions of international shipping and the recent weather events. As a result, we are seeing intermittent shortages of common items we usually stock, including some seasonal parts and lubricants. These shortages have been from a few days to a few weeks, with little predictability. Deere and others are actively resolving each issue, and have been great partners, but delays still occur across a wide range of products.

This year, planning ahead will be a distinct advantage. Review your potential parts needs or repair plans and talk to our Parts team about availability or lead times. If you might need help from our Service Department or our Precision team, get on their schedule now while openings still exist.

We have a wide variety of tools to help, including the Koenig MyDealer customer portal which provides you with access to your account, online parts purchasing, and the ability to schedule service online 24/7. Take the opportunity to look at your equipment parts needs and your on-hand inventory to plan ahead. Our staff is working daily to prepare for this season, and we will soon be extending our hours to our seasonal schedule. Contact us in person, by phone, or online to start your preparations.

Again, thanks for your business and patience. We are ready to help make 2021 a successful year!



Matt McConnell


Here is a video that explains the current inventory challenges:


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