Farm Equipment & Lawn and Garden Equipment Parts Programs

Which John Deere parts programs are available at Koenig Equipment?

Koenig offers multiple parts programs to help save you money. Browse our available programs below.

Check out our new Product Support Catalog for all the ways you can benefit from Koenig's Parts Programs, designed to save you time and money!

Contact your local Koenig Parts Team to discuss any of our programs in depth.

Koenig Product Support Catalog

Save on all battery-related products during Battery Support Month at Koenig Equipment, every March and September. Eligible items include NoCo products, chargers, cable ends & cleaners, and more.

While you're thinking about battery care, be sure to check out our Koenig Rewards Battery Program to see how members can earn rewards with qualifying battery purchases.

You can't always plan the timing of your parts and service needs, but you can still prepare and save money. Koenig's Deposit Pre-Pay Program allows you to put money aside to cover those emergencies, and get savings at the same time.

Deposit money in your Pre-Pay account in December, and use this money for parts or labor purchases, even for late-night service calls or emergency parts orders. You'll receive and invoice for your records on the day you make the deposit, before the end of the calendar year.

Our Early Order Program is your one-stop annual opportunity to buy pre-season volume quantities at maximum savings. Utilize the Early Order Program and you will benefit from:

Early Order Parts

When it comes to protecting engines nothing does it better than genuine OEM filters and lubricants. Koenig Equipment gives you the opportunity every February and August to purchase the best oil and filters at the best prices. Your advantages include:

Oil and Filter Sale

Why stop what you are doing to run for common items when we can stock them at your facility? Let our Parts team or Product Support Representative work with you to establish inventory needed, such as filters, belts and shop supplies, and we'll keep them stocked for you.

You don't pay for the parts until you use them, and we'll stop by to replenish them monthly. There is no charge to paricipate or for delivery. Minimum annual purchases are required, and cabinets are available to purchase if needed.

Parts Onsite

With just a few days of planning, we can help your parts dollar go further with our Stock Order Discount. Simply place a minimum order with a 4-7 day anticipated delivery date, and we'll pass our order discounts on to you along with free freight. 

This program is available year-round, so be sure to ask about cash savings for Agricultural and Lawn & Garden equipment parts. Minimum purchases are required.

Parts Stock Order