Snow Removal Equipment Solutions in Indiana & Ohio

Which types of snow removal equipment are available at Koenig?

When the snow has fallen and it’s time to get out and forge a path you have several snow removal equipment options to choose from depending on your needs.

Brush Attachments

Rotary brooms, available from both Frontier and Ventrac, are a great option for brushing away snow from sidewalks and smaller areas. The broom attachments include hydraulic angling so you can turn the broom as needed for the path you are clearing.

Snowplow Attachments

Frontier and Ventrac offer attachments for your lawn tractor or compact utility tractor that are perfect for plowing snow. Snowplow attachments from Frontier include front blades and snow pushes. Ventrac snowplow attachements also include front blade, and you can choose between angled or v-blade designs. Front blades are ideal for smaller snow removal jobs as the curved blade rolls snow rather than pushes it for smooth quick removal. The v-blade style is especially good for tight areas in which a lot of turning will be required. Snow pushes are perfect for slightly larger areas as they hold more snow, and the design makes this a great option for working around buildings, fences, and hard-to-reach areas.

Snowblower Attachments

Also available from both Frontier and Ventrac are snowblower attachments. Frontier offers 3-point snowblowers and loader-mount snowblowers. 3-Point snowblowers quickly move snow out of your way and are ideal for larger areas. Front-mounted snowblowers work great for deep snow drifts and provide increased visibility, making them great for clearing sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas.

Sidewalk Snow Vehicle

Available from Ventrac is the Sidewalk Snow Vehicle (SSV). This versatile snow removal machine lets you get the job done fast. The SSV allows operators to clear snow and de-ice in one pass. The Ventrac SSV is designed specifically for sidewalks and small areas where foot traffic occurs often.

Which snow removal equipment options are right for residential use?

Depending on the size of your property there are several snow removal options for residential use. Front blades and snow pushes are great for medium to large properties with longer driveways. Front-mounted snowblowers are also ideal for medium to larger properties with bigger removal areas and drifts. For very large removal areas, 3-point snowblowers are also an option.

Which snow removal equipment options are right for commercial use?

There are several options to choose from for commercial snow removal as well. Rotary brooms are ideal for clearing sidewalks, and both plow and blower attachments are great for driveways and parking areas. The Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Vehicle is ideal for walkways, sidewalks, and smaller areas, especially where salt residue is unwanted.

Where can I get service for my snow blower?

Making sure your snow removal equipment is ready to go before the first snowfall is important. The skilled technicians at Koenig Equipment are here to ensure optimal performance for your snow removal equipment.

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