Ferris® has been providing its customers with high quality products and solutions for more than 100 years. The first and only commercial mowing brand to offer suspension on its mower via a patented suspension system, Ferris remains on the cutting edge by blending technology with innovative mowing designs. All Ferris commercial mowers are distinguished through innovative features and high quality standards in performance, durability and ergonomic design. Whether you’re a landscape professional or property owner, Ferris mowers with patented suspension technology will give you a noticeable improvement in your mowing productivity.


Ferris FW25 Walk-Behind Mower

Compact, self-propelled mower for the landscape professional

Whether shuttling between jobs or maneuvering around obstacles, this walk behind mower is a heavy duty performer in an efficient package.

With a choice of 36" and 48" cutting widths, FW25 dual hydrostatic commercial walk behind mowers will readily fit most small sheds and trailers while packing impressive performance and features. Full-time lawn care crews will appreciate the comfort of all-new, CC™ Centralized Control handles. Moved inward to a more natural, ergonomic position, you may discover you last longer without hand fatigue to wear you down. And speaking of hands, they're less likely to get scraped up as you mow past shrubs, trees, walls and fences, or when loading and unloading inside trailers.

Power up the electric starter (18.5 gross hp models only) and give the cruise control bar a gentle push to select your ground speed. The innovative FW25 delivers superior control for a wide area lawn mower, eagerly navigating over thick grass, surface imperfections and hills while staying in its cutting lane.

Refinement is matched with heavy-duty construction, so you can enjoy this lawn machine without babying it. Its deck is manufactured with two layers of steel running the entire width for added strength, and corners are lap-welded for increased dent resistance.

Ferris offers you the choice of two FS-series V-twin engines from Kawasaki, both of which deliver all-day reliability and power for your hardworking lawn team. Choose the 15 gross​ ​horsepower model paired with a manual starter, or step up to the 18.5 gross​ horsepower​ ​with electric start.

Either way, your mowing crew will love taking command of this pro-grade walk-behind to make quick work of those long workdays.

  • Big 20" tires enable climbing over curbs and rough terrain and reduce deck bounce for consistent cut
  • Commercial-grade transmission – the same muscle driving our heavier commercial zero turn mowers
  • Adjusting cutting height from 1.5 to 4.5 inches

IS 600Z

Ferris IS 600Z Zero Turn Mower

The best zero turn mower for professional landscapers on a budget.

If money were no object, you'd equip your lawn care business with an advanced, commercial-grade zero turn mower. If you're on a budget, you'll be glad to know you still can.

The compact sized IS® 600Z will fit most garden sheds and trailers with room to spare, yet comes loaded with all the power and enhancements that make Ferris mowers an industry giant. That means you can perform any lawn project like an expert while saving time and money.

How do we do it? Start with our signature full rear adjustable suspension system complemented by a shock-assisted, pivoting front axle. You'll feel the difference immediately, a surprisingly refined ride for a wide area mower, providing greater control to mow evenly over rough ground faster – with less scalping than a non-suspension mower. Traction is also improved for added stability riding up hills and around obstacles.

On to our rock-steady deck options. Under the 48" models, you'll find our signature iCD™ Cutting System, equipped with an included professional lawn striper for an expertly groomed finish every time. Our 44" models feature a 10-gauge fabricated cutting deck and can be outfitted with the lawn striper (sold separately for the 44" deck). Both decks have greaseable aluminum spindles for dependable service and long-lasting Marbain® steel blades for a consistently superior cut. Large-acreage homeowners, prepare to make your neighbors jealous.

This spirited mid mount mower comes with your choice of powerful V-twins. Consider the American-made1, 25-gross-horsepower* Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series™ motor. Or, choose the 18.5-gross- hp** Kawasaki® FS600V. You can pair either power plant with a 44- or 48-inch cutting deck.

Just like its big brother, the IS 700Z, this riding mower comes equipped with our dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400® transaxles – one more feature raising the bar not only in quality, but also commercial readiness. When the badge reads Ferris on the outside, you can rest assured there's proven performance inside.

Perhaps you thought owning a commercial-grade zero turn mower was a pipe dream. Now you know nothing stands in your way. We built the nimble IS 600Z to close the gap between what you can afford and what you truly want.

  • iCD™ Cutting System (available on the 48" model) delivers maximum cutting performance and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening. The 44" model features a 10-gauge fabricated, double-top deck with reinforced side skirts and overlap welded corners. Both include a professional lawn striper.
  • The Ferris® commercial zero turn mower line equipped with patented suspension technology, delivering a refined ride and a more consistent cut at higher traveling speeds.

IS 700Z

Ferris IS 700Z Zero Turn Mower

Efficient, affordable commercial zero turn for lawn care pros & hardcore homeowners.

Did we design the IS® 700Z zero turn for the five-day-a-week landscaping pro, or is it the ideal machine for part-time lawn contractors and weekend warriors? Once you see how it eclipses the competition in features, performance and price point, you'll agree it's both.

Our design engineers insisted this versatile, affordable lawn mower would get its cues from Ferris' flagship zero turn mowers the moment they approached the drawing board.

First things first. Our exclusive full rear suspension system and pivoting front axle with shocks up front set the bar where no other brand can reach. Suspension provides a smoother ride and greater control to mow evenly over rough ground faster - with better traction and far less scalping – than a non-suspension mower.

Next up, the iCD™ Cutting System with long-lasting Marbain® steel blades. We mount them via greaseable aluminum spindles to a rock-steady, heavy duty deck for consistently superior cut quality. We also include a professional lawn striping kit. That's right. We've barely pulled the cover off this nimble rider and already, you have all you need to finish every lawn project with country club quality.

You'll propel the IS 700Z with your choice of powerful engines. Play it conservative with our spirited Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series motor. Or, get maximum power with the awesome performance of the new, American-made1 Vanguard™ 810cc riding mower engine that cranks out 26 gross horsepower.

All that muscle is transferred to the wheels by our dual commercial Hydro-Gear®  ZT-3400® transaxle drive system.  It's a truly commercial grade transmission, so it's both reliable for long-term performance and operator serviceable when needed.

We even remembered the creature comforts, like a firm yet forgiving seat with arm rests and a convenient cup holder to stay hydrated acre after sweet acre.

Calling all full-time lawn contractors and weekend freelancers, farmers and discriminating homeowners. The IS 700Z feisty, affordable zero turn lawn mower redefines the sweet spot between capability and cost.

  • iCD™ Cutting System with included striping kit delivers maximum cutting performance and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
  • The IS® 700Z compact zero turn comes with your choice of 52" and 61" wide decks.
  • The commercial zero turn mower line equipped with front and rear suspension, delivering a refined ride and a more consistent cut at higher traveling speeds.

IS 3200Z

Ferris IS 3200Z Zero Turn Mower

A beefy commercial zero turn mower redesigned from the ground up to out-spec the competition.

You don't so much perform landscape work with the IS 3200Z as take a leisurely cruise while incidentally cutting the lawn. When our engineers set out to reimagine Ferris's already impressive IS 3100Z, they ratcheted up so many specs, the resulting lawn machine is rugged yet refined – a truly premium turf groomer.

Ride means a great deal to any lawn care professional. Spending several hours in the saddle each day, you owe it to yourself to ask, "which zero turn has the best ride?" We respond with our patented suspension technology – full rear suspension and independent front suspension. Adjust the stiffness to your tastes or to compensate for an additional load such as a collection system accessory. The entire system responds to the most unforgiving terrain with refined control and incomparable steering accuracy, softening the jolts and lessening the stress on both man and machine.

Ferris also updated the mounting and leveling of our iCD™ Cutting System. The free-floating deck hangs independently of the suspension system employing solid steel rods, which are stronger and easier to adjust. This design delivers unrivaled, smooth cutting performance, even over bumps and dips. Lawn professionals will discover they can keep the IS 3200Z moving at higher speeds longer, completing more jobs faster – without scalping the turf. Imagine the time you'll save cutting up to a 6-foot-wide path per pass.

And now for this zero turn's impressive work attitude. Look over your engine options, and you'll quickly see Ferris doesn't compromise on power. Choose the 36-gross-horsepower* Vanguard™ V-Twin BIG BLOCK™ or the biggest motor to grace a lawn mower – the 37-gross-horsepower** Kawasaki® FX1000V DFI. Either way, don't worry. You'll have plenty of raw torque to spare for hauling a load of grass clippings across those vast acres.

To reliably flex all that muscle, we've upgraded the IS 3200Z's drive train to include dual, independent commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Powertrain® transaxles. It's our most heavy duty transmission ever, with better cooling, improved airflow and zero potential leak points under high pressure. Put simply, it obliterates the competition's pump and wheel motor setup.

Downtime is never an option, and when you partner with the IS 3200Z, it never crosses your mind. Take your productivity to uncharted territory – and enjoy the ride.

  • iCD™ Cutting System with included professional lawn striper delivers maximum cutting performance and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening. The IS 3200Z comes with your choice of 61" and 72" wide decks.
  • The commercial zero turn mower line equipped with adjustable front and rear suspension, delivering a refined ride and a more consistent cut at higher traveling speeds.


Ferris F800X

Looking for a zero turn lawn mower capable of serious multitasking? Need a machine built big enough to rip through grass, plow through snow and can just as easily sweep a parking lot clean? Then you need a Ferris F800X. That’s because this commercial zero turn mower is a true workhorse, getting the job done across a full spectrum of applications. With the Ferris F800X, you’ll own your environment, whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall.

The gas-powered F800X zero turn is Ferris engineering prowess at its best, delivering a level of versatility you simply won’t find in lesser machines. The driving force behind this wholly different level of versatility is this zero turn’s out-front deck and attachments configuration. Part art, part science, this forward-thinking, adaptable design allows you to tackle large acreage such as parks and ball fields in the warmer months, blow snow in the winter and brush away leaves. dirt and debris any time you see it.

Like all Ferris zero turn lawn mowers, the F800X comes equipped with the kind of advanced features you’ve come to expect from our commercial mower brand. For starters, there’s the engine. The 31hp1 Vanguard™ is definitely not shy when it comes to the business of power delivery. Not only does this big block engine offer big performance, but with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty2, it also provides big peace of mind.

And the drive? Yep, we’ve got that covered, too! With a mower speed of up-to 10mph, the F800X cuts grass quickly. But the F800X isn’t just a fast commercial mower; it’s also smooth. That’s because this zero turn features a pivoting rear axle with a floating front frame, allowing it to trace the contours of the landscape with manicured precision. And long-lasting pillow block bearings on its control mounts dial up precision even further. More than just enabling you to tackle the terrain, the dual hydro pumps and wheel motors equipped with 7” mounted cooling fans will have you taming it.

Truly a cut above, the iCD™ Cutting System with professional striping kit delivers a consistent, high-quality cut that’s sure to impress. The unit comes with a 61” or 72” wide deck equipped with our heavy-duty, long-life greaseable cast-iron spindles. The electric deck lift makes for easy cut-height adjustments, ranging from 1.5-5", adjustable in quarter-inch increments.

As for raising the deck, well, that’s just a matter of flipping a switch. Doing so gives the operator quick access to the undercarriage for ease of maintenance. Need to get under the hood? No problem! Quick-release latches make engine access a snap!

What about comfort, you ask? Well, you can’t beat Ferris’ premium suspension seat. Adjustable to the operator’s weight for a custom-like fit, it takes the pain out of those long days in the saddle. And when you need to get to the hydraulics, the seat flips up for effortless access.

Getting back to versatility, the F800X offers the following optional accessories and attachments: 60” sweepster rotary broom, snow blower and cab enclosure, FAST-Vac™ EZ Dump XL™ grass collection system3 and mulch kit for year-round multitasking.

Rounding out the list of premium features are twin six-gallon fuel tanks with integrated choke throttle, PTO and ignition switches; large, 24” flat-free drive tires; cup holder; and storage compartment for your cellphone, a notebook or even a snack.

So there you have it. Unrivaled versatility from a gas-powered, zero turn mower, allowing you to cut, sweep, mulch and blow with ease. It’s the perfect machine for large acreage jobs and customers who need a machine that’ll get them through all four seasons comfortably and confidently.


IS 2100Z

Ferris IS 2100Z Zero Turn Mower
Spend one day on the IS 2100Z Zero-Turn and you'll discover how our patented suspension technology turns slow, bumpy mowing into riding comfort and enhanced productivity. With iCD engineering under the deck, you'll enjoy consistently accurate cutting performance.
Combined with Ferris' iCD™ engineering under the mower deck, the IS2100Z delivers consistently accurate cutting performance in diverse conditions without the need to slow down. The cutting deck is mounted independently of the suspension system, barely affected by hills and holes, so you spend more time traveling at high ground speeds without scalping the expertly manicured turf under your care.

The IS 2100Z is an aggressive zero turn mower built to satisfy an eager work attitude, whether you're a full-time commercial landscaper or a discriminating homeowner looking for all you could ever need.

  • Choice of four impressive engine options from Kawasaki®, Kohler® and Vanguard™
  • Dual-stage industrial air-cleaner extends engine service life
  • Rugged twin 5.5-gallon fuel tanks (11 gallons total)


  • iCD™ Cutting System with professional lawn striper
  • Foot-operated deck lift, with adjustable pedal, can change cut height in 1/4" increments from 1.75"- 5"
  • Features cast-iron (61") or aluminum (52") greaseable spindles


  • Patented suspension system enables you to mow rougher ground faster with a consistent cut quality allowing you to be more productive
  • Dual, commercial Hydro-Gear®  ZT-4400® transaxles
  • Removable floor pan provides easy access
  • Heavy-duty integrated rear bumper protects engine compartment
  • Large 24” drive tires for better traction


  • Ground speed up to 10 mph


  • Ergonomic control panels feature a cup-holder, storage compartment and fuel gauges for operator convenience
  • Flip-up seat for easy access
  • Premium mid-back seat with arm rests, adjustable fore and aft positioning


  • Collection System, Mulch Kit, Trailer Hitch Kit, Light Kit, Suspension Seat, Flat-Free Caster Tires


ProCut S

Ferris ProCut S

The ProCut™ S three-wheel riding mower features a simple design for ease-of-operation and serviceability. The three-wheel rider was the first commercial mower Ferris ever produced in 1986. Today, Ferris leads the market in this category for sales and customer satisfaction. Now all the benefits of Ferris' patented suspension technology have been added to the time-tested design. If you desire a mower with high visibility and want to reduce your trimming time under low-hanging branches, shrubs and fencing, the all new legendary ProCut™ S is for you.

Designed with precision engineering, this cutting-edge suspension system features rear-coil over shocks. The results: heightened efficiency, speed and comfort for beautiful results every time, even on the most uneven of landscape environments.

The ProCut S commercial riding mower is also incredibly efficient, mowing up to four acres per hour. That's in part to the powerful engine offerings. Choose between a Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series 810cc engine, delivering 27 gross hp or the Kawasaki® FS730V 726cc engine which packs 24 gross hp. Both engines stand by their power delivery with a 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

This impressive model features a 61" 10-gauge fabricated deck with greaseable aluminum spindles for long-lasting life. The quick-adjust height of cut crank allows the user to easily adjust the cut height to infinite positions from 1.5" to 5". And the electric deck lift allows the operator to conveniently raise the cutting deck with the flip of a switch. This feature provides easy access to clean the deck out or perform under-the-deck maintenance, as well as simplified curb climbing and trailer loading.

Engineered for rugged conditions, the transmission on the ProCut S riding mower features an integrated fan mounted on top of the hydro pump. This forward-thinking design allows the hydro system to run cooler and more efficiently and also repels unwanted debris with its advanced debris management system.

What about comfort, you ask? A mid-back seat with enhanced bolstering and ergonomically designed armrests coupled with the rear wheel suspension system provides a comfortable ride. It takes the pain out of those long days in the saddle.

You'll also get user-friendly, intuitive foot-pedal controls that make it easy to manipulate both the speed and direction of the ProCut S. Then there's a rugged 5.5-gallon fuel tank with wide filler neck and reserve for no-mess filling and hours of uninterrupted performance.

Finally, for those who need cross utility, the optional two-stage 50" snow blower with electric chute rotation makes the ProCut S a versatile, multi-season workhorse, and further increases the overall value of the unit. You can also add on a mulch kit, flat-free caster tires and striping kit.

So, there you have it. The Ferris ProCut S, a professional three-wheel mower. You get comfort, performance, versatility and value. The only thing left to do is hop aboard, and experience the difference the Ferris ProCut S will bring to even your toughest jobs.