John Deere

John Deere

John Deere is the world's leading manufacturer of farm equipment. Their commitment to quality and innovation go hand in hand with Koenig Equipment's commitment to providing customers with solutions, not just products. When purchasing John Deere from Koenig Equipment, you also get quality service from factory trained technicians using genuine John Deere parts to ensure you get the most out of your investment. If you're looking for farm equipment or tractor sales, visit one of our Indiana or Ohio locations today to experience John Deere quality first hand.

Patriot IV Tractor Package

John Deere 5055E Utility Tractor with 520M Loader
Expiration Date: 
Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Handle chores around your farm or worksite with a new Patriot IV Utility Tractor Package from Koenig Equipment with payments of just $369/month*.  Featuring John Deere's 5055E 4WD utility tractor, this package gives you the features you need at a price you'll love. 

The 5055E tractor is covered by an incredible 5-year Powertrain Warranty. 

Stop by your nearby Koenig Equipment location today! Ask your sales representative about custom packages.

John Deere 2510S Strip-Till Medium Residue Applicator

Field image of the 2510S Residue Applicator

The 2510S Medium-Residue Strip-Till machine was designed to operate in medium-residue conditions, such as soybean stubble.

  • Tru-Depth™ nutrient shank
  • Single point depth control
  • 12- and 16-row configurations

John Deere 2510S Strip-Till Residue Master™ Applicator

Field image of the 2510S Residue Master Applicator

Apply dry or anhydrous fertilizer, conserve soil moisture and reduce soil erosion by maintaining residue on the field with the 2510S Nutrient Applicator. For either medium or high-residue applications, you can choose from the Medium Residue or Residue Master configurations.

  • Tru-Depth™ nutrient shank
  • Single-point depth control
  • 12- and 16-row configurations
  • Designed for extreme residue conditions

John Deere 2530L Nutrient Applicator

2530L Nutrient Applicator

nutrient applicator

  • Reduce crop damage with hydraulic wing kick, high-clearance 
  • Narrow transport width, less than 12 feet
  • Heavy-duty coulters with knife or injector
  • Hydraulic wing down pressure, flex-hinge design

John Deere 2510H with Dry High-Speed Application with Dry Nutrient Attachment

Field image of the 2510H dry Nutrient Applicator

2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment. One high-speed pass is all you need to feed crops when and where they need it most.

  • 6- and 9-ton dry tank options
  • Flexibility for three-season use
  • High-speed application
  • Reduced nutrient loss

John Deere 2410C Nutrient Applicator

Field image of the 2410C Nutrient Applicator

With the 2410C, you connect directly to John Deere Section Control, GreenStar™ Rate Controller and GreenStar 3 2630 Display.

  • Tru-Depth™ conventional standard or parabolic chisel
  • GreenStar™ Rate Controller
  • John Deere AccuDepth™
  • Widths up to 62.5 ft. (19 m)

John Deere 2510L Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

Field image of the 2510L Nutrient Applicator

With a total of 18 spacing and row combinations, the 2510L liquid fertilizer applicator has one of the market’s largest tank capacities — up to 2,400 gallons,

  • Sidedress in perfect sync
  • Heavy-duty coulters with knife or injector
  • GreenStar™ Rate Controller
  • 30, 40 and 60 ft models

John Deere 2510H Nutrient Applicator

Field image of the 2510H Nutrient Applicator

The 2510H Nutrient Applicator, a low-disturbance, high-clearance toolbar gives you flexibility to apply in heavy fall residue, or in the spring, right behind the planter all the way up to V8 stage.

  • Single disk opener
  • Speeds up to 10 mph
  • Low soil disturbance allows sidedressing right after planting to 30-inch tall corn

John Deere F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator

Three-quarter studio image of the F4365 High Capacity Nutrient Applicator

The F4365 Nutrient Applicator features high capacity 330 cu-ft (9.3 cu m) dry spinner spreader capable of 60- to 90-ft (18.3 m to 27/4 m) spread widths for N, P, K or lime to help meet tight application windows in early spring and late fall.

  • 330 cu-ft (9.3 cu m) capacity dry box
  • 60- to 90-ft (18.3 m to 27.4 m) spread widths
  • CommandView™ III cab
  • Rugged chassis
  • Optional
    Air Boom, 300 cu. ft. capacity, 70-ft. boom 

John Deere 2430C Nutrient Applicator

field image of a 2430C nutrient applicator

2430C Nutrient Applicator

  • Variety of models and sizes available
  • TruSet™ Tillage technology
  • Wheel configuration provides increased performance
  • Adjustable closing disks


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