Jeff W., West Chester, Ohio

Wow, what a terrific experience buying a lawn tractor! Chris Brem has to be one of the best people I've ever worked with in a buying experience. He has tremendous knowledge and understanding of the equipment, but doesn't simply dump it all on you. He has a keen ability to provide information about various aspects of the machine when it's pertinent to the customer. He is a gentleman, a professional, and just an all around regular guy. I drove another 20 minutes past the closest John Deere dealer to buy from Chris & Koenig and I would do it again. Chris is the consumate professional! Now, I don't want to leave out all the other wonderful people I dealt with at Koenig. I don't know their names, but four to five others helped me at various points in the process and they were all fabulous. Koenig knows how to serve their customers well! By the way, the tractor is also great!

Germantown, Ohio
John Deere
Equipment Type
Lawn & Garden Tractor
Type of Experience
Equipment Purchase