Jim W., Dayton, Ohio

I own a John Deere 216 garden tractor that I bought new sometime in the early 1980s. It has been an excellent mower over the years with minor maintenance needed. In the spring of this year the mower developed engine problems so I had it taken to your Tipp City location. They did a very complete service of the mower and it ran for an hour or so. Last week I went to the store and asked service how to proceed to solve this problem. They suggested sending out a service man to my home to work on the mower to save pickup and delivery service. The next day Brian arrived on the scene. He asked intelligent questions about performance then proceeded to dismantle the carburetor. In less than one hour Brian found the problem and corrected it. Brian went the next step of really analyzing the problem and correcting it. There aren't too many like Brian around anymore if you've had experience with auto mechanics or air conditioner service people etc. They tend to go through the steps in the manual and move on. We need more people like Brian. Koenig is fortunate to have him. Thank You, Jim W. Dayton, Ohio

Tipp City, Ohio
John Deere
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Lawn & Garden Tractor
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