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John C. KoenigIn 1904, John C. Koenig founded a hardware and farm equipment dealership to serve his friends and neighbors. Committed to the long-term, he handled only quality products; he offered them at a fair price; he maintained convenient hours; and he supported his merchandise with application information, a good parts stock, and responsive repair and maintenance. He always greeted his customers as friends and made sure transactions were of mutual advantage. Read More »

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Tyler S. from Wapakoneta, OH

Store: Anna, Ohio
Wapakoneta, OH
Type of Experience: 
Equipment Purchase
John Deere
Precision Farming

We started using RTK this spring after having SF1 for a few years and we really thought SF1 was pretty good and we had no complaints with it, but there really is no comparison to RTK. We can plant corn without worry at any time of day and even have been able to use AutoTrac while side dressing with a 13 knife applicator following a 16 row planter very successfully. The accuracy is just incredible! We don’t have to worry about drift which allows us to move around the field and do performance and variable rate trials with our planter which helps us make better management decisions. In addition it makes the row clutches work better than SF1 as well, especially if the field is not all planted the same day.