KD Power Angle Blades

Ventrac KD Blade
3000/4000 Series Debris/Snow Removal Attachment
Ventrac KD Power Angle Blades have working widths of 48, 60, and 72 inches (122, 152, 183 centimeters). All control functions are performed with the S.D.L.A. control for raising and lowering the blade or angling it left or right. Adjustable skid shoes accommodate dozing at selected heights, such as moving snow on gravel driveways. 
The blades can be operated in a trip position for plowing or in a locked position for digging into material. 
Ventrac Power Angle Blades are versatile, laborsaving attachments designed for any number of jobs. From grading, leveling, and backfilling ground to plowing snow, moving material, or cleaning an area, the Ventrac KD series blades are up to the task.