John Deere Precision Agriculture Operations Center FAQ

John Deere Precision Agriculture Operations Center FAQ

Farming operations today look a lot different than they did as little as 10 years ago. Modern farms have been shaped by new equipment, data, and software solutions. Managing an operation now means staying on top of more moving parts than most humans can handle. However, the John Deere Operations Center can streamline the equipment you need to track and the data points you have to watch into one easy-to-use dashboard that provides an overview of your entire operation.
Read through some of the questions that the team at Koenig Equipment has been asked about the John Deere Operations Center below. Feel free to contact our Precision Ag Specialists to ask specific questions or get more information.

Q: What are the four key functions of Operations Center?

Operations Center is built with four steps in mind: Setup Organization, Plan Work, Monitor, and Analyze.
Setup allows your operators to reduce the chance of making errors when entering data. This step is crucial for your account because it enables personalization and ensures data accuracy.
Plan Work enables you to plan how your team works and ensures effectiveness even when operating with a tight operating window.
Monitor empowers you to maintain your organization even when away from the field. This aspect of Operations Center gives updates on equipment, people, and crops.
Analyze takes the current results and allows you to gain insights into the coming year. You can plan for improving yields, profitability, and cost efficiency by using the suite of reports that Operations Center has built in.
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Q: What can the John Deere Operations Center do for my operation?

Utilizing the John Deere Operations Center enables growers to perform better through connectivity, enables the farm to run smoother, and allows for data-driven decision making. Click the button below to request a quote to add the John Deere Operations Center to your operation.

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Q: Which software solutions are available with the Operations Center?

John Deere has dozens of apps and connections included to make your farm more efficient. Click the link below for a complete list.

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Q: How does JDLink work for my operation?

Get your machines connected with JDLink to stream machine and field data in one dashboard. JDLink also enables machine-to-machine communication and remote service support from your dealer.

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Q: Does JDLink work with older machines?

Yes, JDLink should be compatible with most models. Please contact the team of Precision Agriculture experts at Koenig Equipment if you have specific questions about compatibility with your current fleet.

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Q: How can I set up an Operations Center account?

Setting up an Operations Center account is easy.

  1. Start at and click ‘Create New Account’ to begin.
  2. Next you will be asked to create your sign-in. On the same page, the system will ask for more information needed to create your account. Make sure to use a valid email address when filling out this information, as your email is necessary to validate the account.
  3. Log on to your email and open the Operations Center validation email from John Deere. Check your junk mail if you do not receive it in your primary inbox. Select “Validate Profile” from the validation email.
  4. From the validation link you will be asked to create a password. Choose challenge questions and answers and verify your account information.
  5. Record this information in a safe spot in case you need to refer to it later.
  6. Place a check mark next to “I agree to the Terms of Use” and select continue.
  7. Select Continue on “Password and Challenge Questions Saved”.
  8. Select Continue on “Profile Validation Complete”. 

Do you still have questions on account set up? Contact a Precision Ag Specialist at Koenig Equipment to get additional support if necessary. 

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Q: Are there training videos for Operations Center?

Yes, John Deere has a comprehensive training video library with detailed ‘How-To’ videos to provide the support you need. However, if your issue or challenge goes beyond what a video can provide, please contact the team at Koenig Equipment to get the support you need.

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Q: Which apps are available to support my growing operation?

John Deere provides a full suite of apps to deliver the metrics and data that you need to keep your operation moving. From detailed maps that show current positions of key equipment to apps that show what was planted and when, Deere puts the information you need at your fingertips.

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Q: How does John Deere Precision Agriculture equipment support the different seasons?

Whether it’s time to put seed in the ground or you’re ready to harvest, Precision Agriculture equipment from John Deere can support your efforts. Click into the links below to learn how Deere can streamline your operation from season to season.


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Q: How much does JDLink cost?

As of July 2021, the JDLink service from John Deere will be offered to operators at no additional charge.  
If you want to better understand the benefits and costs of JDLink, please contact us to get more details on the pricing structure for equipment and support services from the team at Koenig Equipment.

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Q: Where can I find John Deere Operations Center Support near me?

Koenig Equipment in Indiana and Ohio has several locations to enable operation managers to add data analytics & real time kinematics to streamline their workday. Find the location nearest you, and reach out to our team today.