Real-Time Kinematic Positioning Solutions

What is Real-Time Kinematic Positioning (RTK)

Real-time Kinematics is a highly accurate positioning system that utilizes satellite signals. Receive the most accuracy from your John Deere guidance systems with RTK equipment and services from Koenig.

RTK (Real Time Kinematics) allows for less than 1” repeatable accuracy making line-of-sight restrictions a thing of the past.

How does RTK Compare to Other Signal Types?

Start your work and get it done sooner with the fast pull-in time that RTK has to offer. How much faster is RTK that other signal types? Take a look at these pull-in times and see for yourself:

  • SF1 = 10 minutes
  • SF3 = approximately 30 minutes
  • SF3 with StarFire 6000 Integration = approximately 20 minutes
  • Radio RTK = less than 1 minute
  • Mobile RTK = less than 1 minute

Does John Deere offer RTK solutions?

Yes, John Deere has real-time kinematic systems available for precision agriculture packages. RTK from Deere enables +/- 1 inch pass-to-pass accuracy, allows for precision farming on hilly terrain, and supports field-to-field roaming without switching base stations.

Requirements include:

  • John Deere mobile RTK subscription
  • StarFire 6000 receiver
  • SF3 Ready Activation
  • RTK ready activation

RTK Subscriptions

Koenig Equipment provides RTK coverage across Southwestern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana. Contact the Koenig Precision Ag team for details about coverage in your area.

Koenig RTK Coverage Map