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At Koenig Equipment, we understand the value of loyalty and are committed to offering the best in the industry. Our Koenig Rewards Program is a testament to that commitment. Designed to provide substantial value to our customers, Koenig Rewards Program is a comprehensive scheme that connects you with exclusive offers and program discounts throughout the year.

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Membership Benefits

As a Koenig Rewards member, you are privy to a host of benefits that extend across various aspects of our services. Whether it's equipment inspections or replacement parts, you can expect special offers that fit your operation needs.

Inspection Credits

One of the highlights of the program is the Inspection Credits. With Koenig Rewards membership, every machine you sign up for an inspection earns you credits. These credits can be used for additional repairs, cover travel expenses, or even your next inspection. What's more, you can earn as much as a 100% off!

Discounts on Stihl Trimmer Line and Blades

If you're a fan of Stihl products, we've got good news. Our Koenig Rewards members save 10% on rolls of Stihl trimmer line and on replacement packs of Stihl PolyCut blades. This saves you money without having to buy more than you need.

Mower Blade X-Change

More than just savings, the Koenig Rewards Program also brings convenience. Our Mower Blade X-Change feature lets members purchase an extra set of blades for your mower at 10% off. You can drop off one set while you mow with the other. Plus, you get $1.00 off each blade sharpened (drop off only), right at the counter. We ensure you always have a sharpened set ready, so you can focus on using your mower rather than worrying about blade changes.

More to Come

And this is just the beginning! We are constantly working on adding more benefits to our Rewards Program.

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Joining the Koenig Rewards Program is free and gives you access to your account, fleet profile, online invoice history, and more through Koenig MyDealer. So, why wait? Sign up for Koenig Rewards today and start experiencing the savings and benefits.

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