How Does John Deere Operations Center Work for My Farm?

Using data to operate your farm is becoming more and more important. With tightening planting and harvest windows and ever-increasing costs of doing business, having easy access to the information that helps you make the best decisions for your business is a must. John Deere Operations Center lets you collect that data and provides tools that make it easy to analyze.

John Deere S100 Series: What Does the New Lineup of Lawn Tractors Look Like?

The John Deere E100 Series lawn tractors have been redesigned and engineered with comfort, and affordability in mind. With this redesign, the E100 Series is no more, and has been replaced with the new and improved S100 Series lawn tractors.  Are you ready to see what the new S Series lineup of John Deere lawn tractors have to offer? 

Does Leasing Farm Equipment Make Sense for My Operation?

Are you considering leasing for your new farm equipment? Once you've evaluated the key factors, advantages and disadvantages of leasing before making your decision, the Large Ag experts at Koenig Equipment are here to help find a leasing agreement that meets the needs of your operation.

John Deere 4066R vs 4066M: What is the Difference?

Although the John Deere 4066R compact utility tractor is similar to the John Deere 4066M, there are key differences that you should look into before deciding what model makes sense for your needs. If you would like to compare the two models side-by-side, Koenig Equipment is here to help!

What Can I Expect from the Deere Mower Conditioner Lineup in 2021?

Are you in the market for some new hay equipment? When it comes to cutting hay, Koenig Equipment has you covered with the latest John Deere hay equipment. With the all new redesigned John Deere Zero Series Mower-Conditioners, you can cover more acres, with better tractor compatibility and Quick Change Knives. Plus, John Deere stands behind their product with a 5-year cutterbar warranty.

What Can I Do in the Winter to Keep My Farm Successful?

Winter months may be slower than planting or harvest, but that does not mean there is not stuff to be done. Staying busy during the winter months helps to set yourself up for a successful new year.

How Often Should I Check Fluids in My Tractor?

Tractor fluids are essential in keeping your unit running the way it was designed to. Proper care and maintenance help to ensure a long equipment life and helps ensure that it will function efficiently when you need it.  Routine maintenance is less costly than dealing with breakdowns, and more convenient.

How to Choose the Right John Deere Combine for Your Operation

John Deere offers a wide range of combine models so you can choose what is best for your operation. Take a look at the differences between S- and X-Series combines, and the models available in each series, so you can determine which one is right for you

How to Prepare your Farm for the Winter Season

As the days grow colder in towns like Botkins, OH, or Bloomington, IN, we know it’s only a matter of time before winter sets in. Getting your farm ready for winter is important and makes getting started in the spring that much simpler. Check out the following tips to get your farm and equipment ready for the winter season.

Safety Tips for Riding and Walk-Behind Mowers

Keeping your lawn in good shape is an important part of property ownership and can even be enjoyable. But taking proper precautions is a must in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. Whether you have a riding mower or a walk-behind, take a look at our safety tips and protect yourself when maintaining your property or at a work site.