Why Should I Get a John Deere TS Utility Vehicle Instead of the John Deere CX Utility Vehicle?

Have you had your eyes on the John Deere CX Utility Vehicle? The CX UTV came out in 2013 and is no longer available to purchase new. There isn’t a new unit that’s directly comparable, but the next best option is the John Deere TS Utility Vehicle. While the TS UTV is similar to the previous CX version, it also has some updated features as well.  Learn more about the key differences between the CX and TS UTV, or discover the new TS UTV in Koenig Equipment’s current inventory.

Why Choose a John Deere 2025R when looking for a Compact Utility Tractor?

If you’re looking for a great sub-compact unit that can handle your mowing, landscaping, and utility needs, look no further than the John Deere 2025R Compact Utility Tractor. With an array of attachments, you can build the perfect package to meet all of your demands. Discover the compact utility tractor you’ve been searching for at Koenig Equipment in Indiana and Ohio.

What is the Best Way to Buy and Trade in Used Farm Equipment?

Many farmers save money by buying and trading in used farm equipment. How can you get the best value out of trading in your aged equipment? Where can you find the best used equipment for sale today?

Which Compact Construction Equipment Solutions are Available from John Deere?

John Deere engineers an impressive lineup of Compact Construction Equipment to meet every unique need. At Koenig Equipment, we offer John Deere Compact Construction Equipment in all fifteen of our locations.

How Can I Prep My Lawn & Garden for the Fall?

When homeowners think of lawn care, they think of spring and summer. However, the best lawns in the spring are brought about by the hard work done in the fall. How can you get a step ahead next spring by caring for your lawn this fall?

How Does John Deere JDLink Work for my Farm?

As you grow your agricultural operation and continue to increase efficiency, staying connected with all your machines, no matter where they are, is a game-changer. Thanks to JDLink Connect from John Deere, you can monitor and manage your entire fleet in real time without ever having to leave the office.

John Deere 560M Round Baler vs. 569 Round Baler – What's Different?

The John Deere 560M Round Baler has just recently replaced the 569 Round Baler. What are the upgrades that were made? How did John Deere engineers enhance the functionality of the John Deere 569 Round Baler?

Why Choose a John Deere Z375R?

What makes the John Deere Z375R riding lawn mower the ideal solution for a growing business or a large lawn? Learn why the Z375R is the right choice below and browse through our current selection to find the riding lawn mower that matches your needs.

How to Control Machine Dependability

Many things in farming are beyond the producer’s control.  Weather, grain markets, and input costs often change daily. The impact of these changes can be significant, resulting in highs, lows, and uncertainty in between.

Four Steps to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

It’s finally here! The snow has melted, the temperatures are getting a bit warmer, and we have even had a few days of sunshine. Spring is coming!

Now is the perfect time to dust off the lawn mower and get your property ready for the coming season. Here are a few items that you should keep in mind for your lawn as spring moves in: