Tips For Preventing Tractor Rollovers

One of the biggest factors that accounts for tractor deaths each year is tractor rollovers. Whether you are working with a new tractor or a used tractor, being well-versed on your machine and manual as well as being aware of your surroundings can greatly reduce the risk of your tractor rolling over. Also, making sure your tractor is in good working condition will help eliminate the risk of a rollover. It is recommended that you have an authorized tractor dealer do a full inspection and tune up on both new tractors and used tractors prior to the start of the season.

Pre-Planting Tips

Now that spring is officially here, it is time to start getting ready for the planting season. It is important to take necessary steps to ensure a safe planting season without interruptions. Making sure that proper maintenance and configuration has been done to your equipment will make for a successful planting season. Here are a few tips from the crew here at Koenig Equipment as you’re getting ready to plant:

Snow Blower Tips

Nothing is more unpredictable than winter in Ohio and Indiana. That's why it's crucial our snow equipment is ready to go when we need it. Here are some things to consider courtesy of Briggs and Stratton.

If you're having trouble getting your snow blower started...

Case IH Combine Concaves

After months of hard work and planning, harvest is the time to reap the benefits. Don't risk your equipment investment and your grain quality with aftermarket combine concaves. Take a step toward improved results with concaves from Koenig Equipment.

Concaves are a crucial wear part, and ours’ offer superior fit and durability for higher grain quality. Unlike subpar alternatives, these concaves were made for your machine by the expert engineers behind it. The end result—you save money and boost profits.

The advantage lies in advance design and manufacturing. Made from high carbon steel, our concaves feature thicker cross bars, wires, side plates, and back braces for greater durability and longer life. We use the latest robotic welding, machining, and heat-treating technologies to ensure consistent dimensions, a better fit, and the highest quality threshing service.

Efficient Power: Case IH Axial-Flow Combines

The Case IH Axial-Flow combines allow producers to simplify their harvesting operation. The transcripts below come directly from producers on their experiences with Case IH’s flagship Axial-Flow combine.


Harvesting Simplified
We just found that with the Case 8120s, we got more value for our dollar.
-Doug Keer, Producer, Strathmore, Alberta


Harvesting Control
Your grain quality from a Case Axial-Flow Combine would be that you have less damage—that would be the quality. You’re not going to get better quality grain—it’s only going to grow the way it is—but when you harvest it, you don't get cracked like you would with other combines.
-James Main, Producer, Three Hills, Alberta

Improving Service Operations at Koenig Equipment — What’s Next?

Koenig equipment is already well on its way to improving the labor efficiency in its service operations, but is there more that can be done to eliminate waste and maximize use of the facility?

Dave Kanicki, Executive Editor

Improving wholegoods sales has been the traditional approach for many farm equipment dealers when it comes to increasing revenues. But increasingly, ag machinery retailers have come to understand that improving the bottom line has to go further than simply selling more. That’s where increasing service sales and improving technician efficiency has taken on a more prominent role at the most progressive dealerships.

Koenig Equipment Sharpens Service Operations by ‘Walking Around’

Proactive, two-way communications between service managers and techs is improving customer service as well as shop productivity and profitability.

Snow Blower Maintenance

While in the throes of a standard Midwestern winter, keeping your snowblower in tip-top shape is of premium importance. No one wants to look out the window at 8” of fresh snow, only to find that the snowblower in the garage is on the fritz. There are a few important items that any homeowner can attend to in order to ensure that optimal snowblower performance is there when needed.


Fuel Filter

Remove your fuel filter and clean any residue. If you find debris clogging the mesh screen inside the filter, replace the screen rather than cleaning it. Remember that some fuel filters are located in the fuel line and some are located inside the fuel tank. Consult your snowblower’s operating manual for specifics.


Fuel Cap

Though it may seem like an incidental part, the fuel cap plays an important role in the performance of your machine. Check to see if your fuel cap’s air vent holes are blocked. If they are, replace the fuel cap. During the off season, cover or close the fuel cap vent to maintain cleanliness.



Storing Gas-Powered Equipment

Here is some general advice on how to operate and maintain your gas-power tools and equipment. Of course, it is very important for users to read and understand the information provided in individual power equipment instruction manuals that come with the product you are storing.


Tips and Tricks of Harvesting High Moisture Grain

(Applicable to John Deere 60, 70, and S-Series combines)


Complaint or Symptom:

Customer states that while harvesting high moisture field corn the machine is operating with high losses, cleaning shoe loads, tailings and may have a poor grain tank sample.

Problem or Situation:



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