Koenig Precision Agriculture Academy

Precision Ag Academy from Koenig Equipment in Indiana & Ohio

Koenig Precision Agriculture Academy

Your work doesn’t stop after choosing a new piece of equipment and neither does ours. Koenig Equipment is proud to continue working with you beyond the sale to optimize your operations. That’s where Koenig Precision Ag Academies come into play. 

Providing premium training to Koenig Equipment customers, Koenig Precision Ag Academies take place twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Each clinic is tailored to provide you with the most relevant information and allows you to choose the courses that are most valuable to your needs. And Koenig Equipment Specialists are always on hand to answer questions and help ensure you’re ready for the coming season. 


Spring Precision Ag Academy 

  • Takes place every March 
  • Includes lessons on precision technology for planters, sprayers, and other planting season needs 
  • Held on two dates at two locations, one in Ohio and another in Indiana, so you can choose what fits best in your schedule 

Fall Precision Ag Academy 

  • Takes place every August 
  • Includes lessons on precision technology for harvesting equipment, yield data, generating reports and other year-end needs 
  • Held on two dates at two locations, one in Ohio and another in Indiana, so you can choose what fits best in your schedule


For more details on upcoming Precision Ag Academies, contact your Precision Ag Specialist.