Used Agricultural Equipment

Why Buy Used Farm Equipment from Koenig Equipment?

When purchasing used farm equipment from Koenig Equipment, you can rest assured knowing that each piece has gone through a thorough inspection and has been professionally tuned by one of our certified technicians. With used tractors, used combines, used sprayers, used planters, and more, Koenig Equipment’s fleet of used farm equipment is a budget-friendly way to get the equipment you and your operation need to get the job done!

Our used equipment consists of top name brands such as John Deere, 360 Yield Center, Harvest International, Penta, and more.

What are the benefits of buying used farm equipment?

When buying used farm equipment, there are a few key benefits to consider compared to buying new. Important aspects include:

  • Depreciation: When buying used equipment, you don’t have to worry as much about depreciation. Since the value of the equipment is less than that of new, the equipment won’t depreciate as much compared to the depreciation of new equipment.
  • Resale Value: If you maintain your equipment with proper use and maintenance, resale value can help you regain most of your original investment. Another option would be to sell parts off of your used equipment if you decide to upgrade equipment and not trade it in.
  • Availability: Depending on the markets, prices can fluctuate, but there are always people selling or trading in their used machinery.
  • Lower Cost: Purchasing used equipment will cost less than buying new. When purchasing from Koenig Equipment you can rest assured that all used equipment has been thoroughly inspected and tuned up. Knowing the equipment is in good running condition provides excellent value for your money.

Which types of used farm equipment are available at Koenig Equipment?

Koenig Equipment can help you find the used equipment you need for your operation. With a variety of used equipment for sale, Koenig Equipment is able to provide you with options when looking for used equipment.

Where can I find used farm equipment near me?

Whether you are in Ohio or Indiana, or anywhere in the United States, Koenig Equipment has 15 convenient locations where you can shop for used farm equipment for sale. Not close to a store? No problem! With the ability to view our complete used inventory online, you are able to shop from anywhere.