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Koenig eServices, our secure comprehensive e-services site

(Not Available for Indiana locations)

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The Koenig eServices site makes available a complete selection of business transactions. Now, after a simple enrollment, you can:

  • check your account balance
  • view invoices and purchase history
  • view and update your personal and equipment records
  • review the status of repair work
  • request, edit, or accept quotes
  • view equipment repair history
  • plus many other features

Go to Koenig eServices at and enroll today. It’s your personal key to all your business transactions. Exciting innovations are occurring everyday and we at Koenig Equipment, Inc. are committed to offering these in a deliberate business-like manner.

Koenig eService FAQ



What is eService?

It's your own secure private access to our business system.

What is available on eServices?

My Equipment - list of your current equipment, ability to update or change equipment information, any equipment currently in for a repair, your equipment repair status, and any equipment on service contracts

My Account - your current statement amount, any outstanding invoices you may have, and your profile information

Purchase History – a list of all your parts purchases by part number, and a list of all your invoices for parts or service

Go Shopping - place parts orders, check parts availability at all our stores, and reserve parts for pick up the next morning, shipment to you the next day, or order unavailable parts for shipping. Look for new and used equipment at all our locations

Quotes – request, review, and accept parts or service quotes

Our Home Page - link to Koenig Equipment, Inc.'s Internet page

Help - an online Help screen to assist you with navigating our site

Messages/Specials - news of specials or programs

Contacts - ability to contact us for special requests or information via email

How do I get there?

Just use this address to login and to enroll.

What if I dont have an eServices account?

Just click on "Not a member" and make a request for enrollment. We'll send you an email with your account information.

When can I access eServices?

eServices is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – even holidays. Once a day in the late evening the system will be temporarily unavailable while our main computer is backed up. This will usually last less than 30 minutes. Just retry a few minutes later and we should be back on line.

Can anyone see my information?

No. Upon enrollment you will be given a unique password. You may continue to use this password or you may create your own new password anytime for additional security.

What if I forget my password?

Just click on "Forgot your password?" We’ll be notified and send you an email with your password information.

Is there a charge for using this service?

Absolutely not, you'll be "helping us help you."

What if I forget to disconnect?

eServices will disconnect if idle for a period of time greater than 20 minutes (just in case you forget to sign out). In the event this occurs and you're not finished, simply sign in again.

When will eServices be available?

It's available now. Just go to We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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