Linda C., Seabrook Island, South Carolina

It has been over 20 years since I have mowed a lawn. I am as novice as it gets about lawn/garden tractors. With a newly acquire horse and 'farm' I have a lot to learn. I was completely confused regarding garden tractor features and what I REALLY needed to accomplish the tasks around the barn and house. A couple of months after my initial "lets see what these things look like" visit, when I stepped into the Koenig dealership in Tipp City for the second time ALL of my confusion and uncertainty evaporated. The level of professionalism and product knowledge was exceptional - and I am a tough critic. Perhaps the most striking was Aaron's approach in eliminating features I didn't really need based upon the tasks I needed to accomplish. He took all the time I needed - no small feat. His approach provides such a level of trust that I knew that I was not being sold something I didn't need, but that my needs were being honestly assessed and matched with the correct product. Refreshing and impressive. I am, however, a tough sale. Despite my impression and probable ultimate purchase, I shopped around. Nothing I encountered even touched the level of professionalism and knowledge of Koenig. I left one place shaking my head and laughing at how little they knew about their products! How is it possible they could operate that way? My impression of Koenig was such that when I went into the store to make the purchase at the end of the last day of a promotion and there were no salesmen there to complete the deal the parts manager made some contacts and I left town absolutely confident Koenig would stand behind the promotion price whenever the purchase was actually accomplished. The skeptic that I am would ordinarily leave figuring 'this ain't happening'. In fact, the details were worked out by phone and email, with ease. What a great company. I can't wait to use the product.

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