360 Yield Saver

360 Yield Saver


Traditional corn heads have gaps in the deck plates and gathering chains, resulting in corn kernels falling through. 360 YIELD SAVER eliminates those gaps by adding intermeshing bristles to traditional gathering chains to capture significantly more kernels.

Key Features:

  • Mounts easily on corn heads
  • Provides a similar wear life to other gathering chains
  • Chain includes crop lugs (not shown) to improve stalk feeding
  • 360 YIELD SAVER blocks easily attach to chain
  • Simply replace blocks when they wear out
  • Chain wear life similar to conventional chains
  • Average brush block life is over 150 acres per row

In addition to the yield capture, your header management improves because you no longer have to manage the header speed to minimize header loss. You can optimize head and feeder house speed to ground speed and crop flow. Plus, because 360 YIELD SAVER can capture nubbins and undersized ears, you have more flexibility in deck plate spacing.

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